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Who Died On Homestead Rescue?

Discovery Series’ Homestead Rescue makes off-grid living and self-sufficient life attractive.

The Raney family has helped many people transition from modern urban life to a more sustainable one.

They teach subsistence agriculture, hunting, and using renewable sources of energy.

With their experience in off-grid living, the family helps others to be less reliant on modern technology and comforts.

One of the leading stars on the show, Marty Raney, knows everything there’s to know about living off-grid.

After living in the Alaskan mountains for decades, he’s equipped with skills on how to survive out there.

Together with his adorable kids and wife, Marty has contributed to the success of the Discovery reality show in so many ways.

Unfortunately, news of his passing came up in 2022. These claimed that the successful TV star had died and could no longer appear on Homestead Rescue.

Well, are these rumors true?

We investigate…

Who is Marty Raney?

Marty Raney has many tiles. He is a homestead builder, musician, songwriter, mountain glider, mason, carpenter, hunter, and TV personality.

When he isn’t working in his or someone else’s homestead, he is out hunting game or fish to stock his freezers with meat.

Born on July 28, 1956, to subsistence living enthusiasts, Raney learned earlier on to live this way.

The TV star was actually born in North Bend, Washington but he moved to Alaska when he was about 18.

He’s essentially lived in the cold US state since the 70s.

He married his fiancé, Mollee Roestel, in 1974 and moved to a 40-acre piece of land in a remote area in Alaska Panhandle.

Together, they have four kids, two of whom appear frequently on Homestead Rescue.

Before starring on the show, Marty also appeared in other reality series such as “Ultimate Survival Alaska”, Surviving Denali (as a sound man), Against All Odds (as a sound man), Spirit of Alaska (as a climbing guide), and “Building Alaska.”

Besides being on TV, the homestead builder is also a recording artist and songwriter.

He’s also authored a book entitled “Raney Days: Stories from the Life of Marty Raney and the Family He Built.”

During summer, Marty goes out in search of meat alongside some family members often coming back with hundreds of pounds of everything from fish to moose, sheep, and caribou.

The meat keeps him and his family going during the harsh Alaskan winter.

He also runs a logging Company with his family.

Is He Dead?

It is unclear who spread rumors about Marty Raney’s death in 2022.

There’s a high likelihood that this was a case of mistaken identity.

In September of the same year, a man by the same name passed on and his obituary was announced and recorded by the Webb Rodrick Funeral Home.

Marty’s fans likely took this news to mean that Homestead Rescue’s Marty Raney was dead.

However, the reality TV star is very much alive.

He is happy and healthy, living his best life with his family in their Alaskan homestead.

Not only is Marty alive but he is still a part of Homestead Rescue.

The show is in its 10th season and just last month in April 2023, the show aired the sixth episode.

In the episode, Marty alongside his crew can be seen trying to save the historical remnants of a Kentucky homestead.

He restores the original barn back to life saving it from a flooding risk.

Meanwhile, Marty’s son Matt develops a livestock escape shell while his daughter Misty creates her first-ever floating greenhouse.

If Mart was dead as claimed in 2022, he wouldn’t have been of the last few seasons.

Where’s Marty Now?

Marty Raney still resides with his family in the northern part of Alaska.

His home is in a very remote area surrounded by Alaskan brown bears.

He still runs his company – Alaska Stone and Log Company—where he showcases his masonry and carpentry skills with other members of his team.

Obviously, the Homestead Rescue star is still the main guy on the reality TV series.

His daughter Misty, an excellent carpenter and son Mathew or Matt, a good hunter always accompany him on his grand projects.

Marty is still married to his wife, Mollee, but she rarely shows her face on TV anymore.

She’s clearly content just living in their Alaskan homestead without being in the limelight.

The couple’s kids have since married and have kids of their own.

The songwriter likes to keep his personal life private.

He rarely talks about his wife, kids, net worth, and such on mainstream media.  

But we can confirm that Marty is not dead but alive and healthy.

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Conclusion: Who died on Homestead Rescue?

Despite rumors that an actor on Homestead Rescue had died, the truth is that no one is dead from the show.

Many had believed that Marty Raney—the show’s frontrunner—was the victim of the death stories.

However, from the latest episode of the reality TV show which aired on April 4, 2023, Marty is alive and well.

No other member of the series has been reported dead as well.

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