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What Happened to Misty Raney?

Speculation about Misty Raney’s whereabouts has been on the rise over the last few months.

The speculations, mostly centered on her weight gain, have been fueled by media reports that she could be pregnant or unwell.

The TV personality and homesteader was last seen in the popular TV series, Homestead Rescue, in 2021 and she appeared to have gained weight considerably, sparking an online fuss about her health.

The actress and her family have been acting in the family show since 2016 when it first premiered on Discovery Channel.

Where Did She Go After Her Last Appearance On Homestead Rescue in 2021?

After her last appearance in Homestead Rescue in 2021, Misty has been living with her husband in Alaska and Hawaii States together with their son.

She is said to stay with her family in Alaska during summer, where they run a family business, and winterize in Hawaii playing watersports such as surfing.

Raney has been posting on her socials regularly as she is a social media influencer on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Contrary to mainstream and social media speculations, Raney has been soundly healthy and kept on running the family business in Alaska with her husband, Macia Bilodeau, among other daily activities.

Besides being an actress, Raney also does farming.

Homestead Rescue 2023 Season

Homestead Rescue is a popular TV series that follows the Raney family as they help people who are struggling to survive in the remotest areas of the United States.

The show has been on the air since 2016 and has gained a large following over the years.

Misty Raney has been a part of the show since its inception and has become a fan favorite due to her expertise in homesteading and survivalism.

Misty has been participating in the shooting of the much anticipated Homestead Rescue Season 10 which premiered on 28 February 2023 on Discovery Channel.

In the reality show 2023 release, Raney plays the usual role of the main character and face of the reality show.

The show is still ongoing and is aired weekly on Discovery Channel and can be streamed online.

Reality or Fiction?

Some fans and former cast crew members have previously expressed doubts that the Homestead Rescue series is not a reality show, but rather a fiction of fake storylines for the camera.

The fans’ skepticism has left the show’s authenticity on the line and has put its viewership at risk.

However, the Raney family has come out to strongly defend their show saying it’s real and is aimed at showcasing real-life survival tactics for Americans in remote places like Alaska, Wyoming, and Hawaii.

“The Raneys are definitely genuine people, although there is, of course, a little hype and drama on screen,” they shared as they sought to defend their show.

The allegations of “fake show” escalated a few years ago when a couple sued the family claiming that the show made them appear like amateurs when in reality, they knew how to live off-grid.

Misty Raney Hasn’t Gone Anywhere

In sum, Misty Raney has not disappeared from the public eye.

She has been living with her family in Alaska and Hawaii, running a family business, and enjoying water sports during the winter.

She has been active on social media and is in good health.

The rumors about her being pregnant or unwell are unfounded.

Misty continues to be a respected homesteader and TV personality, and her fans look forward to seeing her on Homestead Rescue in the future.

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