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What Happened to Matt Raney?

Matt Raney grew up in Alaska, where he was raised alongside his three siblings.

The TV personality’s family lives a self-sufficient lifestyle, requiring them to hunt for meat, rely on solar and wind energy, grow food and keep livestock, protect themselves from wandering predators like bears, and do other activities to improve their lives.

Matt’s father, Marty, and his uncle significantly played a role in equipping Matt with knowledge on achieving a sustainable homestead lifestyle.

Before the TV fame, Matt and his father were professional mountain climbers who would guide other climbers in conquering Mount Denali and Brooks Mountain Range.

Their passion for mountain climbing made them participate in Discovery Channel’s Ultimate Survival Alaska.

Matt, however, exited the show after the first season, but his father stayed on until the third season.

The TV show was canceled in 2015, paving the way for Homestead Rescue, which catapulted Matt, his sister Misty, and their father to fame.

The show focuses on helping Alaskans rebuild homesteads in ruin and guiding them on survival tactics in the Alaska region.

The TV show received a positive reaction from the audience, and now Matta’s family is ten episodes into the limelight.

Matt Raney, just like most TV personalities, has a personal life too.

It is, therefore, common for viewers to want to know what he is up to when he is not acting, leading to questions such as:

  • Is he married or divorced?
  • Does Matt have children?
  • What does he do when he is not filming?

If you are a loyal Homestead Rescue viewer interested in the lives of the Raneys, this post will enlighten you about the whereabouts of Matt Raney.

What is Matt Raney Up To?

Matta Raney is a busy man. You will find him spending some family time when he is not homesteading.

Matt often posts videos and photos of his family on his Instagram account alongside his wife, Katie, and their two children, Indy and Ruby.

However, Matt only shares limited information regarding his personal life and family, mostly using social media to share work-related content.

Matt is also a hunting expert, always ensuring his family has enough food to sustain them through the tough winter.

Besides reality TV, Matt’s family gets additional income from running a stone and log business.

His extensive experience living in the Alaska jungle has made him disposable to families settling in Alaska needing a cabin-building expert.  

The Homestead Rescue TV show has already aired ten seasons on Discovery Channel and has the potential to air more seasons.

In the meantime, Matt keeps doing what he does best, helping families rebuild or renovate their homesteads for optimum functionality.

The family’s Alaska property nears the Glacier Bay National Park and Reserve, increasing the possibility of encountering wild animals like wolves and bears.

However, Matt and his father ensure their families enjoy a safe environment without worrying about encountering wildlife as they go about their lives.

Matt Raney’s Future

Matt Raney’s future looks promising, and you may see more of him on TV if Homestead Rescue renews for another season.

The tenth season aired in February 2023, and now loyal viewers are on the edge of their seats waiting for confirmation of another season.

There is no official information regarding the renewal or cancellation of the TV show, but viewers remain positive amid the suspense.

Even if the TV show bowed out after ten successful seasons, Matt would find a way to remain connected to the audience, especially through social media.

His family’s exposure to reality TV may also attract offers from other production companies.

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