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Top Ramogi FM Presenters

The Luo community are known to be a very proud people who adore their own.

Vernacular radio station, Ramogi FM, is a purely Luo leading station for music, news, information, and general entertainment. It is nicknamed ‘the movement’ by its loyal fan base.

The Nairobi-based station has a large number of followers including prominent people on its social media pages.

All this would not be possible if not for the dedicated group of talented presenters.

Most fans know the presenters by name and voice and this post delves a little more to who they really are.

Winnie Oduor

Winnie Oduor Nyakapuonja is a talented multimedia journalist with over six years of experience in the field.

The presenter hosts several shows at the station such as ‘Duond Mine’ and ‘Kogwen Sabato’ among several others.

Oduor is a strong advocate of gender equality and her show ‘Duond Mine’ has a huge following of female fans who engage with her on the various issues they face, especially in the career world.

Winnie also works at Ramogi Radio’s creative desk, working on empowering talent in the country.

Solomon Atito

Famously known as Gudi Gudi or Kafaya to his loyal fans, the presenter hosts the ‘mos gi tichi’ show.

The show is a weekday evening drive show playing good music and engaging the listeners with current trending topics.

Gudi Gudi is also a popular musician.

Lydia Akoth

Lydia is a beautiful and ever-charming radio presenter who cohosts the ‘donsedonse show’ at Ramogi Radio.

This is a music show held every weekday in the afternoon and its main focus is the youthful fans most of whom tune in to the show to chat with the radio siren.

Victor Otieno Juma

Victor hosts the ‘Ramogi Baraza’ show which invites famous and influential guests to interact with the listeners.

The radio host is a skilled interviewer and his show is very informative.

Victor Juma also doubles up as the head of radio at Royal Media Services.

William Oloo-Janak

 William hosts the morning show ‘Kogwen Gi VOJ’ at Ramogi Radion.

The show is interactive where the host engages with listeners as they air their opinions on different societal matters.

Janak also owns a media consultation company ‘Janak Communications’ which trains journalists and engages in freelance journalism.

Kenn Muga

Kenn Muga hosts the early morning ‘Kogwen show’ which airs from 5.00 am to 10.00 am.

He also hosts a show on Ramogi TV and reads the news at the radio station.

Felix Jakamollo

Felix Jakamollo is a multi-talented radio personality who hosts the ‘Mos Gi Tich’ morning show and the ‘Rhumba Radius show’ every Sunday.

Raphael Kasuku

Raphael Kasuku is a senior radio presenter at Royal Media Services who cohosts the ‘Donsedonse’ show at Ramogi FM alongside Lydia Akoth.

James Rabala

Rabala hosts the ‘Galamoro Mar Chike’ show every Monday between 9.30 pm and 12.00 am.

The veteran presenter discusses with his fans about current topics in politics, society in general, and many other affairs while playing soothing dholuo music till late into the night.

Min Jacky

Min Jacky known as MC Prof Amata is a comedian, emcee, and professional musician who works as a radio presenter for Ramogi FM.

The funny guy cohosts the ‘Kalamindi show’ aired on weekdays from 6.50 am.

His target audience for his comedy and music in the Luo community and he has managed to amass a large number of fans.

Closing Thoughts

Radio hosting is an art that requires special talent and abilities to execute.

Radio Ramogi has a large fan base in the country at over 30% of the total radio listeners in the country.

Not all who listen to Ramogi radio are Luo’s as statistics show even other tribes tune in to the station because of the love of Luo music.

The presenters, deejays, and all the staff that work to entertain Kenyans at Ramogi deserve utmost appreciation from the fans.

What about their salary? How much does the station pay its radio hosts? Find out here: Radio Ramogi Presenters Salary: Here’s How Much Radio Ramogi Presenters Earn

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