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Where to Buy Vipromac in Kenya

Because the prostate and bladder are so close, a developing prostate frequently interferes with the bladder, preventing men from completely emptying their bladders when they urinate.

As a result, many need to use the restroom more often, especially in the evening.

Fortunately, there is ViproMac, which is marketed as an all-natural remedy that gradually reduces prostatitis symptoms.

The supplement is said to contain various nutrients that are beneficial to the prostate and assist in increasing the male libido.

What Is Vipromac?

According to its manufacturers, Vipromac is an organic phytocomplex that actively works to increase potency levels while normalizing prostate functions.

They claim that Vipromac capsule relieves prostate discomfort, lowers the amount of urine lost during normal urination, and soothes other prostate-related disorders.

However, potential users who genuinely need to use Vipromac are advised to first consult with their primary care physicians before using the product because the prostate is one of the body organs that can be affected by this remarkable boost.

Vipromac Price in Kenya

Although in 2021, Jumia- Kenya had the best deal on ‘Vipromac Improve Your Prostate Function’ at KSh. 3,700, they later increased the price, reaching a maximum of KSh. 4,320

However, the price later decreased in late 2022, and it currently retails at an average price of KSh. 3,300-6,000, depending on the exact Vipromac product required.

Places To Buy Vipromac in Kenya

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find Vipromac capsules in most pharmaceutical stores in Kenya.

So, the best option you have to get the supplement is to order from the official dealer and Kenya’s top e-commerce websites listed below:

1.  From the Official Dealer

You can order and receive this product from Vipromac’s official dealer using this link.   

The company will then contact you to confirm your order from their sales manager.

The item will be swiftly delivered to your address by courier after you make the required payments.

2.  Jumia

Vipromac is also available in Kenya at 3,700 KSh from Jumia under their typical policy of the ‘Cash on Delivery’ option.

However, it’s essential to note that product shipping occurs within 1 to 11 days, and credit card delivery fees range from Ksh. 150 to 320.

For further information regarding this product, kindly click on this link.  

3. Jambo Shop

Although their official website claims that the product is currently out of stock, they occasionally supply Vipromac to clients situated in Nairobi.

Therefore, you can reach them on this link to check if they have restocked the product.

4. PigiaMe

Vipromac is also available on this website at a price of Ksh.3500.

To access this medication, click this link and follow the stipulated steps.

5.   Sky Garden

You can also visit this site using this link to access Vipromac at a retail price of Ksh.4, 199.

6.   My Big Order

It’s also an online store where you can order and get Vipromac capsules at a price of Ksh.3500 by visiting this link.

7.   Air Duka

This online store also offers Vipromac and delivers the product to clients in Nairobi and its surrounding environs.

To purchase this product which retails at Ksh. 4050, kindly click on this link.

8.   Health Labs

Health Labs operates multiple laboratories across Nairobi and its environs, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed by trained and qualified personnel.

Fortunately, this facility also offers Vipromac capsules at a retail price of Ksh.4170, which is on cash on delivery basis.

Try Reputable Physical Pharmaceutical Stores

Apart from the above-mentioned online stores, you can also acquire Vipromac from some of the most reputable local pharmacies located in Nairobi.

They seldom advertise or post the availability of all supplements or medications on their online portfolios, so you can only be sure if you walk in and inquire.

And if they don’t have the supplement, some may advise you further on other places to find the drug or alternatives that you can use.

Try your luck in these four major pharmaceutical stores:

  • The Nairobi Hospital Pharmacy: The Nairobi Hospital Pharmacy is located at the Nairobi Hospital and stocks a range of men’s supplements, including multivitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements.
  • Karen Pharmacy: Karen Pharmacy is a popular pharmacy in Nairobi that stocks a range of men’s supplements, including vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements.
  • Mediheal Group of Pharmacies: The Mediheal Group of Pharmacies has several branches in Kenya, and they stock a range of men’s supplements, including multivitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements.
  • Goodlife Pharmacy: It is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Kenya, with over 90 stores nationwide. They stock a wide range of men’s supplements, including vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements.


Since what is appropriate for one person may not be suitable for another, it’s vital to seek medical advice before buying and using Vipromac capsules.

It is also important to conduct thorough research on Vipromac in terms of its uses, effects, and the authenticity of the online/physical pharmacies selling it before you decide to buy and use the drug.  

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