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What is the Average Size of Male Sexual Organ in Kenya?

There is a centuries-old debate on what should be the average size of a human male penis.

Speculation is rife, especially among curious women on the “size matters” bandwagon, about the appearance and size of a male schlong when erect or flaccid.

A lot of research has been done over the years in an attempt to unravel the truth about the average size of the penis as well as comparisons across people of different ethnicities and races.

It is believed that ethnic and racial backgrounds have an influence on the size of one’s sexual organs.

 In Kenya, this belief is so common and sexual stereotypes are the order of the day.

What’s the Average Penis Size in Kenya?

For many years, open discussions on matters sexuality have been regarded as taboo among many Kenyan communities more so those that still hold onto their traditional African culture.

However, with social-cultural evolutions that have taken place since the 21st century began, Kenyans, especially on social and mainstream media, are more open to discussions on controversial issues.

It’s not rare to see a Kenyan millennial or Gen-Z post on their social pages a question like “Ladies, do you like it big or small?”, and the comment section goes ablaze with all sorts of responses.

According to World Data , the average penis size across all countries in the world is 13.58 centimeters, while the longest schlong is carried by men in Ecuador, measuring up to 17.6 centimeters.

The shortest dicks are found in Asian countries with Cambodia topping the list at an average size of 10 centimeters. 

Now, what really is the average penis size in Kenya?

There may not be an exact answer to this question…

However, Sex and Psychology by Dr. Justin Lehmiler asserts that there are penis size differences among races with Africans/Blacks having the largest average penis size at 16.5 centimeters.

Kenya is an African country with a vast majority of black population, and therefore, we can draw the conclusion that the average penis size is the same as that of black people in other parts of the world.

Erect VS Flaccid Penis Length

Data from  shows that the average flaccid penis length in Kenya is 10.4 centimeters,  while the average flaccid penis circumference is 10 centimeters.

On the other hand, the average erect penis length in Kenya is 16.28 centimeters (close to the average global length of 16.5cm) and the average erect penis circumference is 12.33 centimeters.  

In terms of inches, the length of an erect penis in Kenya is 10 inches.

How do Kenyan Men Stack up Against the Global Average?

The average erect and flaccid penis sizes in Kenya is above the global average.

The average global length of an erect penis is 13.58 centimeters (5.35 inches), while the Kenyan average is 16.28 centimeters (6.4 inches).

The global flaccid penis length is 9.16 centimeters (3.16 inches), while the worldwide average is 8.70 centimeters (3.42 inches).

These statistics are proof that Kenyan men are ahead of their counterparts in many parts of the world in terms of schlong size.

Seems like “the bigger the better brigade” would be happy to have a Kenyan man by their side.

Is P*orn Affecting Our Expectations?

The widespread availability of por*nographic content has distorted the reality of many people with regard to the appearance and size of male and female sexual organs.

Some por*nographic content usually portrays exaggerated above-average size sexual organs by use of technologies such as deep fake or photoshop.

Such graphics often create an unrealistic impression about the size of the models’ private parts including breasts and butt cheeks.

The Impact of Expectations VS Reality

It is important to understand that adult film producers often feature male models with extra-large penises to enhance visual appeal, fulfill the fantasies of viewers and quench their fetishes.

These gimmicks make some viewers believe that what they see in the videos or pictures is real only to experience the opposite in real life.

It’s advisable to read scientific content about sex and reproductive health written by experts to be able to differentiate between facts and fiction on matters of penis size.

Does Size Really Matter?

Since different people have different sexual preferences, it is true to say that size does matter.

It is a subjective question that can only be answered subjectively since some people believe that size does matter while others believe that it doesn’t, but what you do with your “gadget” is what matters.

Some women complain of discomfort during coitus if their male partner’s penis is too large, saying that it makes the whole experience painful.

Others claim that if the organ is too small, it doesn’t satisfy them.

Overall, majority of women prefer having a partner with an average-sized penis.

Is the Average Kenyan Penis Size Still on Your Mind?

So, are you still stuck at discovering the average Kenyan penis size?

It’s not really worth your time and effort because apparently, the Kenyan man’s penis size will vary from one individual to another.

There being an “average size” doesn’t mean every Kenyan man has the same penis size.

It would actually be an exercise in futility to obsess with the “average penis size” and sweat over it.

What matters most is self-awareness and the ability to explore your sexuality and know what size suits your preferences.

As they say, experience is the best teacher and until you try, you never know how things turn out to be 🙂

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