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Nyokabi Kenyatta Bio: Who is this Jomo Kenyatta’s Daughter?

Anna Nyokabi Kenyatta, popularly known as Nyokabi Kenyatta, is the daughter of Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta.

She is also a philanthropist and businesswoman. Nyokabi owns Manda Orchids, a firm that grows and supplies orchid-cut flowers.

She co-founded The Kenyatta Trust, a vibrant non-profit charity organization that educates students from low-income families and empowers women.

Like other members of the Kenyatta family, Nyokabi Kenyatta achieved her academic qualification overseas.

She is an alumnus of Northwestern University in Illinois, US, although it isn’t clear which discipline she pursued.

She isn’t politically active in Kenyan politics, although she often appears with several political bigwigs on special occasions.

Profile Summary of Nyokabi Kenyatta

  • Full name: Anna Nyokabi Kenyatta
  • Age: 60
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Education: Northwestern University
  • Parents: Jomo Kenyatta and Mama Ngina Kenyatta
  • Height: N/A
  • Occupation: Businesswoman
  • Years Active: N/A

Nyokabi Kenyatta Is a Member of Kenya’s First Family

Nyokabi Kenyatta’s full name is Anna Nyokabi Muthama Kenyatta.

She is the daughter of Jomo Kenyatta, and Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Nyokabi Kenyatta was born on August 22, 1963.

It isn’t clear whom Nyokabi Kenyatta is named after, although her first name is common in her Kikuyu tribe.

She is the sister to Kenya’s fourth president, Uhuru Kenyatta.

She isn’t the only daughter of Jomo Kenyatta since the country’s founding father had other daughters, including Kristina Pratt.

Some of Nyokabi Kenyatta’s prominent siblings besides Uhuru Kenyatta include Muhoho Kenyatta and George Muhoho.

Nyokabi Kenyatta’s position within the Kenyatta family depends on many factors, including cultural norms, family dynamics, and birth order, which aren’t known publicly.

Irrespective of her position in Kenya’s first family, she is highly respected, thanks to her philanthropic work and outstanding business acumen.

While she is a prominent figure in the Kenyatta family, little is known about her husband and children because she is discrete and doesn’t publicly share her details.

Nyokabi Kenyatta, as a Businesswoman

Nyokabi Kenyatta is an outstanding entrepreneur and businesswoman in Kenya.

She founded multiple business enterprises in Kenya and worldwide, particularly in the UK.

Some of her prominent firms in Kenya include Heritage Brands Limited, a successful branding and marketing firm with offices across Kenya.

Nyokabi Kenyatta has also been one of the directors of her family’s dairy firm, Brookside Limited, which is East Africa’s largest dairy firm.

Nyokabi Kenyatta also have other offshore ventures like other family members. However, she doesn’t disclose her assets.

Nyokabi Kenyatta, As a Philanthropist

 Besides her business ventures, she is also active in philanthropic work.

Nyokabi Kenyatta is the founder and owner of the Nyokabi Kenyatta Foundation, which she founded in 2014.

Her non-profit organization provides educational opportunities and scholarships to needy students.

Nyokabi Kenyatta has been active in many initiatives that involve empowering Kenyan women and improving Kenya’s healthcare.

Her successful business acumen and philanthropic work have earned her admiration and respect in Kenya.

Worldwide, Nyokabi Kenyatta has significantly contributed to her country through her organization and charitable works.

Her organization has been making a positive impact on thousands of underprivileged Kenyan families, particularly children.

For instance, the businesswoman has been providing aid to children from poor backgrounds through mentorship programs and scholarships.

She is also active in other philanthropic activities that strive to improve healthcare.

Her philanthropic work has helped many Kenyans access quality healthcare and education.

As an advocate of women’s rights, Nyokabi Kenyatta has inspired many women in Kenya.

Many Kenyans view her as an aspiration and role model for her philanthropic efforts and impact on many lives in Kenya.

Her position in the Kenyatta family has enabled her to undertake many philanthropic projects.

Nyokabi Kenyatta has been supporting her family’s many charitable causes through donations.

Nyokabi Kenyatta Was Named in the Pandora Paper Leaks

The 2021 Pandora report leaks named Nyokabi Kenyatta as among the Kenyatta family members who were beneficiaries of British properties worth over eight million pounds.

According to the leaks, Nyokabi Kenyatta, her brother, the then Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta and her mother, Ngina Kenyatta, were concealing wealth from the public domain through firms in tax havens.

However, the businesswoman vehemently denied the accusations, terming the Pandora Paper leaks as fake.

She insisted she acquired her wealth legally and transparently.

To vindicate herself, Nyokabi Kenyatta released a statement through her lawyers explaining that she purchased her property in the UK through a Kenyan firm where the businesswoman is a shareholder.

While having overseas assets isn’t illegal, the Pandora report highlighted Nyokabi Kenyatta’s potential to use her assets to evade taxes and indulge in other unlawful activities.

However, the leaks didn’t affect the businesswoman’s reputation and admiration since they exposed different prominent personalities worldwide.

Nyokabi Kenyatta’s Personality

While Nyokabi Kenyatta is a prominent member of the Kenyatta family, she is pretty discrete, and little is known about the businesswoman.

However, those who know her say she is hardworking, humble, and generous.

 Nyokabi Kenyatta is also passionate about philanthropic work.

Her generosity is evident from her contribution to academic opportunities for children in Kenya.

Overall, Nyokabi Kenyatta is a respectable figure due to her charitable achievements and entrepreneurial success.

Nyokabi Kenyatta Seem to Embrace a Discreet Life

Nyokabi Kenyatta rarely appears in public.

She doesn’t spend her wealth lavishly like other prominent personalities.

She doesn’t share her personal and family details in public 

Nyokabi Kenyatta has never been caught in comprising positions with public members or senior politicians.

Furthermore, Nyokabi Kenyatta doesn’t take public photos.

Those who know the businesswoman strictly know her through her family or charitable projects.  

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