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Here’s What Happened to Dan Abrams’ Teeth

Dan Abrams became a media sensation in the 90s when he covered the trial of OJ Simpson for Court TV, among other high-profile courtroom trials.

Dan’s time at Court TV marked the beginning of a lucrative media career that has grown significantly, making him one of the authoritative media moguls on American soil and beyond.

Like many media personalities, Dan’s personal life attracts attention from all aspects.

People always want details regarding his relationship status, house, net worth, children, physical appearance, and whatnot.

Dan has been in the industry for almost three decades, so he must be used to public scrutiny.

Scrutiny in Dan’s life increased after he announced his diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2003, which he has since recovered from but continues to raise awareness about.

Viewers had noticed that he had become frail but had no clue he was receiving cancer treatment.

Besides weight loss, another aspect of Dan Abrams’s private life that has raised concerns from viewers is his teeth, with a section of viewers doubting if they are natural.

Are you interested in discovering whether Dan’s teeth are original or artificial?

We’ll find out shortly…but before dissecting Dan’s physical appearance, how about an update on his career achievements?

Dan Abram’s Prolific TV Career

Dan has been gracing the screens for a long time, and viewers who have watched him for that period feel they know him personally.

His career started at Court TV in 1994, then later headed to NBC and other media houses before spearheading his TV shows.

He founded Abrams Media and hosted several shows like Dan Abrams Live on News Nation and On Patrol: Live on Reelz.

Dan is also a legal expert hence his role at ABC News as its Chief Legal Affairs correspondent.

Besides hosting and producing shows, Dan is an accomplished New York Best-selling author.

Away from his professional life, Dan is a family man. He lives with his long-term girlfriend, Florinka Pesenti, with whom he shares two children, Everett and Emilia.

Dan has never been married and isn’t in a hurry to formalize his union with Florinka.

The nearest he came to getting married was when he proposed to one of his three former lovers, Elisabeth Rohm.

What Happened to Dan Abrams’ Teeth?

When your career revolves around being consistently on people’s TVs, they will notice the slightest change in your appearance and start conversations on social media.

The topic of celebrities undergoing cosmetic surgery to improve their looks is very common and a section of viewers think that Dan may have had some work done on his teeth.

Some believe his teeth are too bright and more prominent, unlike regular ones, and he could be wearing veneers or dentures.

Viewers simply don’t understand why Dan’s teeth don’t match his age, given he is 54.

The allegations surrounding Dan’s teeth will remain unconfirmed or denied because the TV host mogul has a bustling career to care what anyone thinks about his dental formula.

It is barely a pressing issue that he must urgently address, so he may or may never talk about it.

Also, someone like Dan is justified in doing what he deems suitable to his dental formula, given he is always talking and smiling to the masses via TV.

Viewers are keen to notice when a reporter, presenter, or host has one or several crooked teeth and will start wondering why they can’t fix it by wearing braces or undergoing a corrective procedure, yet they are making decent pay.

Regarding Dan’s case, only time will tell if he will consider addressing the controversy surrounding his teeth.

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