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Top 10 Kikuyu Gospel Artists in Kenya Right Now

The Kikuyu gospel industry is currently stuffed with many great talents, making it hard for artists to maintain top positions for long.

Despite the difficulties to remain at the top (amidst numerous other great talents), some musicians have given their all to remain relevant in the industry.

We’re talking about top 10 gospel musicians that are relevant today.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Kikuyu gospel artists in Kenya today:

Teacher Beatrice

Teacher Beatrice is a native Kikuyu gospel singer whose hits have made it possible for her to make it to the top of the Kenyan Kikuyu gospel singers.

Her fame runs across the Central region of Kenya and to the whole country at large.

Teacher Beatrice sings in native Kikuyu and sometimes in Kiswahili.

Her hit songs include:

  • Ga Season
  • Ruciû Rwakwa
  • Ûkai Mwone
  • Maithori.

Besides singing, she’s a voice coach, music instruments teacher, and Jiko la Mziki live band singer.

Shiru wa GP

Shiru wa Gp is a sensational Kikuyu gospel musician from the Central region of Kenya. Her hit songs include:

  • Mwaki
  • Mihaka
  • Baba Tuonie
  • Mucamo.

Many have had doubts whether she’s the mother of an upcoming artist, Joy Janet, or not.

But the truth is that she’s only a music pathfinder for Joy Janet and not a biological mother to the upcoming gospel artist.

Charles King’ori

Charles Kingori who’s popularly known for his 2013 debut “Mahindi Momû” is a Kikuyu gospel singer who hails from Nyeri.

Charles also majors in writing and producing songs, and has been over the top of the Kikuyu gospel singers for years.

Some hit songs by Charles King’ori include:

  • Mahindi Momû
  • Matigari
  • Ningutira Maitho
  • Njamba ya Ita

Ruth Wamuyu

Ruth Wamuyi is a Kikuyu gospel artist and also a pastor at the House of Judah ministries.

Some hit songs by Ruth Wamuyu include:

  • Ngai Murathimi
  • Ni Gukena
  • Amukira Ngatho
  • Wi Muthaka.

Ruth Wamuyi is also a psychologist and a TV host at CTN.

Sammy Irungu

Sammy Irungu is a Kikuyu gospel artist from Nakuru, Kenya.

Kikuyu gospel listeners hail him for his unmatched skills in praise and worship.

Sammy Irungu fancies serving his fans through live bands.

His storytelling techniques and vocals draw the audience to listen to his music.

Sammy Irungu is the hitmaker of the following songs:

  • Maguta Mari Thîna
  • Mwei Wa Githima
  • Muthenya Wakwa
  • Muheani.

Sammy K.

Sammy K is a renowned Kikuyu gospel artist with amazing vocals and moving messages in his songs.

He’s the hitmaker of ‘Noira Tu’ song that gives hope of a better tomorrow.

Popular songs by Sammy K include:

  • Noira Tu
  • Utana Was Ngai
  • Noira Tu
  • Gutirari Kwega

However, Sammy K made headlines early last year with news of his sentence at Naivasha maximum prison for robbery allegations.

Ben Githae

Ben Githae is both a popular native Kikuyu artist and a well-known singer of political songs in Kenya.

His hit song, ‘Tano Tena,‘ made him famous all over the country during the 2017 election campaigns.

Gospel hits by Ben Githae include the following:

  • Maya Ni Mabataro
  • Urathimwo Ciakwa
  • Ningukwenda Muno
  • Mlianza na Roho.

As you can see, Ben Githae has also produced songs in other languages apart from Kikuyu.

His flexibility in language and music style has contributed to his widespread fame in the country and beyond.

Edith Wairimu

Edith Wairimu is a top Kikuyu gospel artist who also delivers gospel songs in Kiswahili to touch a few more souls.

 She’s also a worship leader and a songwriter.

The following are example Edith’s hit songs:

  • Wi Ngai wa Ngai Ciothe
  • Mikuru Yarika
  • Nitukugooca Jesu
  • Shikilia

Kelvin Maina

Kelvin Maina is a Kenyan Kikuyu gospel singer from kiharu, Murang’a who is said to have started composing songs while in primary school.

He’s considerably younger than most popular gospel artists but still tops the list with his powerful songs.

Some of his hits include:

  • Ndagwita Kihoti
  • Wee Wanyonire
  • Watuire
  • Ngai wa Tene.

Grace Mwai

Grace Mwai majors in singing and writing powerful songs in native Kikuyu and Swahili to carry the message of hope and inspiration to her fans.

Her hit songs include:

  • Hari We
  • Utukuzwe
  • Kirathimo
  • Niwe Ngwenda

The 10 gospel artists have thrived through the tough competition in Kikuyu gospel music in Kenya to remain at the top of the list for years.

Listening to their powerful songs can definitely change your bad days through their messages of hope and inspiration.

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