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How to Report Airtel Fraudsters in Kenya

Cases of fraud targeting users of mobile money platforms are on the rise in Kenya.

It is not rare to receive a call or text message from fraudsters posing as agents of a mobile service provider.

Among Airtel Kenya mobile subscribers, there has been complaints of imposters asking for sensitive information including Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), last transaction details, and even phone numbers of close friends and relatives.

The relatives and friend start receiving calls from the fraudsters not so long after that.

So, how can one report fraudsters to Airtel Kenya? There are several options available.

1. Report via Airtel Kenya Verified Social Media Handles

 Just log in to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account and search for the Airtel Kenya accounts.

Ensure you see a verification badge.

Then proceed to send a direct message (DM) with the details of the fraudster.

It is advisable that you send a DM as opposed to posting the complaints on the telco’s timeline.

2. Call Customer Care

You can also call customer care on 100 using their Airtel line or 0733100100 if you are using a non-Airtel telco line.

The call center is open 24/7, so it’s possible to report any suspected case of scamming at any time.

Alternatively, send an email to customer care via email address [email protected] for action.

3. Leverage their “Kaa Chonjo! Report Fraud” Feature

Another option is to dial the USSD code *100# and select option 3: “Kaa chonjo! Report fraud”.

In the pop up menu, enter the fraudulent phone number and click on the “send” button to submit the details to Airtel.

4. Visit an Airtel Kenya Shop near You

Last but not least, visit an Airtel Kenya shop near you for assistance with fraudulent activity regarding your Subscriber number.

The shop agents will help with blocking the line or contacting the head office for further action.

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