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Most Popular Kikuyu Traditional Dances

Kikuyu is a Kenyan community occupying the areas around the slopes of Mount Kenya.

Like many other communities, the Kikuyu community held many traditional occasions like weddings, initiation, and childbirth.

They celebrated their occasions traditionally through singing and dancing.

There were many traditional dances for young people and some exclusively for the older folks.

The most popular traditional dances in Kikuyu included:


•             Kibaata

•             Gichukia

•             Mugoiyo

•             Muthongoci

•             Mwomboko

  • Ndumo

Let’s enumerate each traditional dance to know more about its purpose and essence in the kikuyu community.

1. Mwomboko

Mwomboko dance was popularly common among the young people in the Kikuyu tradition.

Newly wedded couples could also take part in the dance to enjoy their union traditionally.

Interestingly, Mwomboko dance is one of the most preserved traditional dances in the Kikuyu community.

You can find dancers enacting the Mwomboko dance in major national events in Kenya.

In this traditional dance, dancers pair into two, with every man holding a woman to dance together like a couple.

Mwomboko is one of the most popular dances in the region.

2. Ngucu

Ngucu is a Kikuyu traditional dance that was performed by women, men, and children.

The traditional dance involved strategically moving the legs so that one leg hits the ground hard, while singing Kikuyu songs.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of the moves.

3. Kibaata

Kibaata is another Kikuyu traditional dance that was for both adults and children. This dance also accompanied traditional songs.

Like Ngucu, Kibaata traditional dance brought people together in different occasions like weddings and celebrations of birth of new members into the community.

4. Gichukia

Gichukia traditional dance brought people of different age groups and genders together among the Kikuyu community.

There was no exception in participation since this was an inclusive dance for all people in the community.

5. Mugoiyo

Mugoiyo traditional dance was similar to Gichukia, Kibaata, and Ngucu. Its main purpose was to unite adults and children in the community.

So, there was no age of gender restriction in taking part in the dance.

6. Muthunguci

Unlike the other inclusive traditional dances, Muthongoci was exclusively for adults.

Muthunguci was performed by men and women, with men wearing a large leg rattle and holding spears.

Women performed this dance while holding preserved cow tails. Horn blowing was also common in the dance.

7. Ndumo

A  cultural dance exclusively performed by young Kikuyu females. Learn more here: All You Need to Know About ‘Ndumo’ The Kikuyu dance

Bottom Line

There are many traditional Kikuyu dances. Some of which are still very popular, like Mwomboko.

Every traditional dance had a purpose and some only allowed adults to perform.

You can watch videos of some dances from the linked sources in this post to get a clearer picture of the moves.


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