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The Man Behind Maji Makuu: Getting to Know Babu Wakasiaka, Radio Maisha’s Beloved Presenter

Babu is a Swahili word describing an elder.

The elderly are perceived as individuals who ooze wisdom, having lived through many experiences.

Babu Wakasiaka is a knowledgeable guy regarding relationships and current affairs. 

His Maji Makuu night show on Radio Maisha attracts adult listeners because of his accurate approach and coverage of issues ranging from marriage and relationships to current affairs.

Besides hosting at Radio Maisha, Wakasiaka is a marriage counselor and sex therapist.

His career is wider than the radio because he appears in several TV interviews to discuss pertinent issues that lovers and people in marriage go through.

Who is Babu Wakasiaka?

Babu Wakasiaka grew up in Kakamega. His real name is Winlouse Wakasiaka.

He keeps his family life private but has made it known that he is a loving father and husband.

Information about his primary and secondary education background has not been made public.

However, Wakasiaka disclosed in an interview with Standard Digital Entertainment that he studied theology. 

He worked as a pastor and preached in several towns across Kenya, such as Lamu, Kisumu, Kakamega, and Nairobi.

He later decided to venture into journalism because it was his true passion.

That is how he ended up at KBC and later at Radio Maisha.

He narrated that transitioning from preaching to radio presenting was a difficult experience, but he defeated his fears to do what he loved.

Babu Wakasiaka Career Background

How did Babu end up on Radio Maisha?

Babu started his radio career at KBC, where he worked for free because he was passionate about radio presenting.

He knew the easiest way to get into radio was by volunteering instead of waiting for employment which would come late or never happen. 

Babu used to work with Emmanuel Mwashumbe at KBC, and the two ended up working together again at Radio Maisha.

Emmanuel has since left Radio Maisha for soon-to-be-launched Radio 47.

Babu narrated all this in an interview with #WordWithSDE, where he also revealed that Emmanuel is the one who proposed the name Babu when they were at KBC. 

Babu works two shifts at Radio Maisha; the 10 AM Staarabika Show alongside Ann Njogu and Gathoni and the 10 PM Maji Makuu show at night.

He attributed his passion for his radio job as the reason he can pull off two radio shows daily without fatigue.

Babu is not very active on social media. His last Facebook post dated back to May 2022, while his last tweet was from May 2021. 

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