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Meet Ajo Mbuta: Radio Career, Politics, and Salary

Ajo Mbuta is an alias name of George Otieno, a former radio presenter at Ramogi FM.

Before he bowed out of radio to pursue politics, Ajo used to host Radio Ramogi’s morning show “Kogwen” alongside the late Ben Okello.

He later started hosting a show called Pur gi Ohala.

Ajo worked in media from 2007 and served Radio Ramogi for ten years.

Royal Media Services pays its radio presenters a median wage of 150,000. 

Ajo probably earned more than that because of his long stint at the station and his extra services on Ramogi TV.

Ramogi Radio is the most listened-to radio in the lakeside region, which means that Ajo was already a known figure in his constituency, one of the reasons why he decided to try something new and venture into politics.

Ajo Mbuta’s Political Stint

Last year’s elections saw quite a number of media personalities leave their thriving careers to try their luck in the murky waters of politics.

Ajo Mbuta resigned from Royal Media Services to vie for the Kasipul Parliamentary seat.

Ajo probably thought that his influence in radio and as a comedian would work to his advantage and help him clinch the seat, but things took an interesting turn when he failed to get the ODM nomination ticket. 

The ticket was awarded to the incumbent Member of Parliament, who later won the elections to serve the constituency for a second term.

Like many candidates who lost on nominations, Ajo proceeded as an independent candidate.

Did he still stand a chance at winning the seat?

Not really, because the ODM wave in western is indisputable, and the electorate tends to vote for the party candidates. 

Ajo Mbuta later appeared in an interview on TV47 political segment Maamuzi 2022 hosted by Paul Kirobi, revealing that the nomination process was unfair.

He revealed that the ODM party is known to reward loyalists with nominations rather than giving newcomers a chance.

However, he hopes things will improve in the next general elections.

What is Ajo Mbuta Up To?

Now that politics didn’t dance to Ajo’s tunes, his fans have been curious about his next move since he quit his lucrative radio job.

Before politics and besides presenting, Ajo was also working as an emcee and comedian.

He always has events to perform or emcee.

Emcee gigs pay well for celebrities like him who already have influence and can entertain a crowd with their comedy. 

Ajo has also been advertising services on his Facebook account.

His recent advert posts are about the Zenka loan app, where he is persuading his 119 Facebook followers to try it out.

He has yet to announce if he will get back to journalism or stick to his emceeing and comedy gigs.

 Ajo Mbuta also celebrated a milestone in his education journey when he recently graduated with a second class from Great Lakes University in University.

He was studying for a Bachelor of Science in Community Health and Development. 

Ajo is also into real estate because of a Facebook post he made of a 7th-storey building whose construction isn’t complete yet.

At this rate, only time will tell if Ajo will make a radio comeback, and if he does, he sure will make it known to his loyal fans.

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