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Meet Hassan Mwana Wa Ali: The Charismatic Presenter Whose Passion for Radio Shines Through Every Broadcast

Hassan Kauleni, popularly known as Hassan Mwana Wa Ali, has been in the radio industry for several years.

He joins radio presenters who give their all and do it with a lot of enthusiasm and passion.

Hassan exudes wisdom and has been inspirational to many aspiring presenters.

He played a vital role in bringing Stephen Mukangai to Radio Maisha. 

Stephen has severally mentioned that he owes his radio career success to Hassan because he believed in him when he was green in the industry.

He is also instrumental in giving professional advice to aspiring journalists.

In his recent interview with Ronny TV, Hassan encouraged budding journalists to stop perceiving journalism as a get-rich-quick career but instead look at it as a service to the public. 

He disclosed that most who venture into journalism to get rich end up in bad debt.

He further disclosed that it takes time to build a lucrative journalism career but also agreed that some people get lucky in making more money in the radio industry due to online fame and influence.

A Look into Hassan’s Radio Career

If you asked some people to define Radio Maisha, they would probably mention Hassan somewhere in the description.

Why? Hassan has been a radio presenter and football commentator at Radio Maisha for 13 years.

He was the mastermind behind Nuhu ya Lugha – Elimu na Burudani show at the Standard Group’s radio station, where he also doubled as a football commentator alongside Stephen Mukangai.

Hassan also runs a column in the Nairobian Newspaper called Chemsha Bongo

The Swahili presenter veteran recently caught many by surprise when he confirmed his speculated departure from the station.

He announced that he was leaving the station on his Facebook account and promised to inform his followers of his next move.

During Hassan’s last days at the station, Stephen Mukangai requested him to commentate his last game, but Hassan didn’t attend.

He promised Mukangai that he would show up but couldn’t, mainly because of emotional reasons.

He feared he would make fans cry during his last day commentating at the station.

Days later, Hassan was confirmed as one of the presenters poached from Radio Maisha by the incoming Radio 47 station. 

Hassan will be working at Radio 47, set to launch soon alongside former Radio Maisha presenters like Beatrice Maganga, Bill Miya, Mbaruk Mwalimu, Geoffrey, Lydia Oriaso, and Emmanuel Mwashumbe.

Radio 47 is also a Swahili station that will cover all 47 counties and is set to give other Swahili radio stations serious competition.

Learn more about the station here: Facts about Incoming Radio 47: Owner, Presenters, and Frequency

Hassan Mwana Wa Ali’s Salary

The years Hassan spent at Radio Maisha were enough to make him one of the best-paid presenters at the station.

Hassan’s salary was not in the public domain during his stay at Radio Maisha, but there is no doubt that he took home good pay every month for the various roles he was entrusted with at the Mombasa Road-based station. 

However, the Standard Group has been undergoing financial challenges and has announced plans to lay off some staff.

Radio 47 decided to use that revelation to its advantage by luring several of Radio Maisha’s presenters to its station and succeeded in doing so.

Even if Hassan revealed trying new experiences as his main reason for leaving Radio Maisha, an upgraded salary from the billionaire-owned Radio 47 also accelerated his moving out. 

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