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Revealed: Jambo Jet Cabin Crew Monthly Salaries

It’s an undeniable fact that cabin crew jobs are among the most coveted among young people in Kenya.

Since becoming a pilot or aeronautical engineer needs high and expensive qualifications, many people opt for the easier aviation industry career path- flight attendant.

With as low as a D+ (plus) and a minimum of  C-(minus) in English at KCSE level, one can enroll for a certificate course in airline cabin crew, effectively kick-starting their journey to their dream career.

Salary Range

Jambo Jet is among the most sought-after airlines in Kenya that pays good salaries, excellent non-cash benefits, and career growth opportunities for its cabin crew.  

A spot check indicates that as an entry level cabin crew member at Jambo Jet, you can start with an average of Sh. 45,000 plus other benefits such as medical insurance.

The salary is reviewed periodically with experience and expertise and could go as high as Sh. 162,000 coupled with other employment benefits.

These figures may vary from year to year depending on several factors such as the state of the economy.

Other Benefits

One of the benefits of taking up a role at Jambo Jet as a cabin crew is that you can use the experience gained as a stepping stone and easily land more lucrative opportunities with international airlines in future.  

You also gets to interact with a lot of people from all walks of life, including airline passengers and colleagues from diverse backgrounds, thus expanding your career and social network as you travel to various destinations around Kenya and the East African region.

Jambo Jet is a great employer to start off your cabin crew career and scale the heights in the career if you remain focused and work hard to impress the bosses.

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