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What is the Monthly Salary of Jambojet Pilots?

The pilot profession is always highly regarded because it is lucrative.

Most of us wanted to become pilots when we grew up, making it a profession that almost every kid looks up to.

However, inspiring to become a pilot differs from becoming one because it requires intensive training at a hefty cost. 

Besides education qualifications, pilot training needs people who are focused and hardly distracted by other things.

Aviation schools do not tolerate substance abuse like smoking and alcohol indulgence.

 Earning the pilot title is rigorous, but the perks are worth it. 

About Jambojet

Jambojet launched in 2014. It is a pocket-friendly commercial flight subsidiary of Kenya Airways.

Jamboj et mainly flies locally but has two regional destinations in Uganda and DRC.

Kenya Airways is a public-private company co-owned by the government and private investors.

Jambojet pilots work for Kenya Airways and get paid by Kenya Airways.

One has to meet several qualifications for eligibility to fly Jambojet. 

Jambojet Pilot Requirements

One must meet a set of requirements to work for Jambojet as a pilot. They are as follows:

  • An aeroplane performance rating score of Grade A 
  • Must have trained for a private pilot license (PPL)
  • Must have trained for a commercial pilot license (CPL)
  • Must pass assessments on aptitude, psychomotor, medical, flight, and other applicable areas
  • Must showcase strong personality and possess excellent communication and organisational skills
  • One must demonstrate a healthy existence, mentally and physically

Jambojet Pilot Salary

Pilots at Jambojet earn a median monthly wage of 275,000, implying that half of the pilots earn below median amount and the other half above the median amount.

The lowest and highest-earning Jambojet pilots pocket between 130,000 and 420,000, respectively.

The inconsistency in pilot salaries arises from varying experiences, operating locations, gender, and education qualifications. 

Male pilots receive higher wage than female pilots, with a difference of 10%.

A pilot with less than two years of experience earns a maximum of 156,000, while those with 20+ years of experience pocket up to 393,000.

A pilot with a Master’s Degree also earns more than a pilot with a Bachelor’s.

Jambojet Pilots Allowances and Bonuses

Jambojet salary includes medical, transport, and house allowances.

It is, however, worth noting that KQ pilots downed their tools just when Kipchumba Murkomen took over the transport docket because the government had failed to honour the CBA that was supposed to take effect in 2018.

The pilots were set to receive maternity cover worth 200,000; inpatient cover worth 4M, and 200,000 worth of outpatient.

Away from the salary, JamboJet pilots receive bonuses for exemplary performances.

Some pilots also receive tips from travellers who appreciate their services. 

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The Cost of a Piloting Course and the Duration

Training as a pilot takes less than two years and is expensive.

The cost of training for the first license, PPL, ranges between 800,000 and 1 million, while the second license, CPL, is around 2.5 million.

Then comes the last training phase, the Initial Multi-Instrument Rating, costing about 1.3 million. 

This brings the total cost for a piloting course in Kenya to an estimated cost of 5 million.

The amount can be less if you study in countries like South Africa and the US, where the course lasts between 6 and 14 months.

The only disadvantage of studying outside Kenya is that you must cough out almost a million shillings to process licensing.

There are several institutions in Kenya offering aviation courses. You must ensure the school you are about to enrol in is accredited by KCAA. 

Examples of aviation schools in Kenya include:

  • Mt. Kenya Flight School in Nanyuki
  •  KQ Pride Centre at KQ head offices in Embakasi
  •  Nairobi Flight Training at Wilson Airport
  • East African School of Aviation at Airport North Road in Embakasi.

Most aviation schools are based in Nairobi. To enrol for a flying course, one must have a KCSE mean grade of C and the same grade for these subjects: English, Mathematics, Geography, and Chemistry/Physics.

The majority of schools take a minimum of C+.

 You also need enough fees to complete the piloting course.

Those who can’t afford the school fees can fundraise or join the military for a chance to train as pilots for free. 

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