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Weather in Kenya in June + Travel Tips (By a Local)

June in Kenya marks the end of the heavy rains season. This shouldn’t hinder you from visiting though, considering that the weather is never constant.

As a matter of fact, many are times when there is absolutely no rain during the month of June.

This post will give you a clear picture of the weather in Kenya, and why you should highly consider making Kenya your next June vacation destination.

What’s The Weather Like In Kenya In June?

The weather in Kenya in June is relatively average, not too cold or too hot. The mornings start all bright and sunny, with clouds beginning to gather from around mid-morning. Many are days when the afternoon is densely cloudy with no rain.

The UV levels are also quite low this month, meaning an SPF30 sunscreen is enough to protect you from sunburns.

Here is a quick summary of the weather in June in Kenya:

 NairobiCoastal RegionWestern Region
Temperature AverageHighs 23°CLows 14°CHighs 28°CLows 23°CHighs 26°CLows 17°C
Relative Humidity79%81%91%
CloudClear skies or partly cloudy for 44% of the dayClear skies or partly cloudy for 40%Clear skies or partly cloudy for 36%
SunriseFrom 06:28 amFrom 06:22 amFrom 06:38 am
SunsetFrom 18:34 pmFrom 18:16 pmFrom 18:45 pm
Wind SpeedAverage of 14km/hAverage of 14km/hAverage of 10km/h
UV Index476

Note that the table only gives the average weather conditions, and data collected from the month of June in previous years.

So, there might be a slight difference considering the weather has proven to be quite unpredictable given the recent rate of global warming.

Why Visit Kenya in June

To get the most out of a vacation, the best times to visit Kenya is during off-peak seasons.

This is when you can enjoy some privacy, peace, and quiet alone times, and the best time to take wildlife photography.

Off-peak seasons also mean low charges and discounts on almost everything, from flights to accommodations, travel packages to game viewing fees.

June is relatively dry compared to previous months, so wildlife is mainly grazing out in the fields with their young ones in search of food and water.

The weather is quite favorable for trekking, hiking, and nature walks as well.

What to Do and Places to Visit

Kenya has a vast number of all-weather destinations, from parks and reserves to conservancies and beaches.

Where you choose to visit is a personal preference, and you can rest assured you will enjoy yourself.

Some of the best places to be are Northern Kenya and the Coastal Region. Here is why.

A. Northern Kenya

This region has quite a number of national parks and reserves. The best conservancies to visit are the Lake Turkana national parks.

Secluded from cities and large towns, the parks are home to Nile crocodiles, hippos, and snakes.

You can enjoy game viewing and safaris during your visit here.

But most of all, the best activity to partake in is the three-day carnival; the Lake Turkana Festival.

B. Coastal Region

The coast is mostly dry compared to other regions in Kenya.

And what’s more interesting is the fact that temperatures are fairly high—even during rainy days. You can enjoy quiet beach walks, and boat rides in the ocean, as well as watching marine life.

Also, given that the winds blow at quite a high speed in June, it is an amazing time to participate in water skiing, one of the best water sports of our time.

You can also set your destination to where the June events and festivals mentioned below take place.

Major Events in June

So, are there any June festivals and events in Kenya that you can take part in? Well, here the main events that take place in June.

I. Madaraka Day Holiday

Celebrated every 1st of June, the Madaraka day holiday is a commemoration of the day Kenya became an internal self-rule nation since 1920 when the British colony penetrated our boarders.

It is held at different venues within the country every year.

With it being a public holiday, the general population is able to participate in this celebration that is led by the sitting president.

II. Lake Turkana Festival

The Lake Turkana Festival is a three-day carnival that celebrates the rich culture of the eight communities living in Loiyangalani, Turkana.

This colorful event gives you a unique cultural experience as you unravel the hidden treasures of Lake Turkana at the only desert museum in northern Kenya, and engage with a community long forgotten, the El Molo people.

III. Rhino Charge

This is an off-road 4×4 annual competition that helps raise funds for the NGO Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust.

The organization’s aim is to build fences around wildlife conversations and parks to reduce incidences if human-wildlife conflict and protect nature.

The event is held at the beginning of the month.

IV. Lewa Safari Marathon

As the name suggests, this is a running marathon held at the Lewa Wildlife Conservation.

This awareness marathon is one of the most challenging races in the world, and involves running across savannah plains, river banks and acacia woodland on dirt roads.

 Its aim is also to support the communities living near wildlife conservancies and promote development.

The marathon is held on the last Saturday of the month of June.

There are a number of events that are hosted randomly throughout the year, some of which may fall in the month of June.

For instance, the Stanbic Yetu Festival 2023 will be hosted on 8th June at Uhuru Gardens. They host a variety of African and International artists, with this year’s being le by Boys II Men.

Yet another amazing event is the Nairobi International Jazz Festival, which is one of the jazz festivals in the world. This event takes place anywhere between the beginning to the middle of the year.

What to Pack & Wear

June in Kenya can tend to be a bit chilly at times, so it is best to come prepared.

To enjoy your stay to the fullest, do some balanced parking.

Start with light, but tightly woven long-sleeve shirts and tops. Even though the month is a bit chilly, there are instances when the sun is a bit hot, so covering the exposed areas of your body protects you from the UV rays.

Carry a sunscreen as well, you will certainly need it when engaging in outdoor activities.

Even though you might opt to pack some summer clothes such as bikinis, shorts, and summer dresses, kindly carry some pairs of pants with you.

This month is very suitable for hiking and nature walks, despite it being a bit wet, especially in the beginning.

The best shoes for these are sneakers and sports shoes. But don’t forget to carry sandals too, especially if you will be spending your vacation in parts of the coastal region.

Never leave a raincoat behind if visiting Kenya in June—but just something light you can throw on in case the weather suddenly changes.

And of course, a sweater or two—maybe a fleece jacket to keep you warm on chilly evenings.

Crowds: How Busy Is June in Kenya

June is an off-peak season in Kenya, one that starts in March.

A vast majority of tourists and locals try to avoid going on holidays for fear of the rains. So, parks and other destinations only have a few visitors.

Aside from days such as Madaraka Day and other events that have been highlighted, all other days of the month are relatively quiet.

Final Verdict: Is June Good To Visit Kenya?

June is yet another great month to visit Kenya.

The rains have reduced significantly compared to the months of March through May, but still, there’s enough water and vegetation to draw out wildlife.

This makes June one of the best months for game viewing and safaris.

Because of the rains, June is regarded as a low season, which comes with world-class offers and packages at very low rates.

And let’s not forget about the crowds. Think of how great it would be to take a vacation and enjoy some privacy in your outdoor activities!

There is a wide variety of things to do while visiting Kenya in June.

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