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KWS Community Scouts Salary Per Month

The KWS community scouts are integral to the Kenyan wildlife welfare.

They carry out vital duties like creating awareness through outreaches and resolving human-wildlife conflicts.

To ensure effective running of duties, the KWS community scouts work together with other members of the KWS such as the rangers and clinicians.

There are different levels of KWS community scouts, causing a distinction in their monthly payments.

KWS Community Scouts salary

Qualification, experience, and rank are the key factors determining the salary in the KWS.

Being from the lowest level in the KWS, KWS community scouts earn a monthly salary ranging between Ksh. 15,000 and Ksh. 25,000. 

The salary structure in the KWS community scouts is based on the KWS scouts’ levels.

Job Requirements

To become part of the KWS community scouts, you must meet the following job requirements:

  • Come from the country where you apply for engagement.
  • Be a holder of KCPE and above.
  • Be aged between 18 and 35 years of age.
  • Understand the local environment, languages, and culture of the people.
  • Relevant training, skills, and expertise are an added advantage.
  • Basic knowledge of wildlife matters is an added advantage.

Duties of KWS Community scouts

  • Early warning and reporting of human-wildlife conflict.
  • Creating community awareness about wildlife.
  • Liaising with the officer overseeing the resolution of human-wildlife conflict.
  • Maintaining game-proof barriers.
  • Monitoring and reporting wildlife movement within a community.
  • Identifying and reporting cases of wildlife in distress.
  • Conducting conservation outreaches to encourage conservation-centric behaviors and values in the community.
  • Carrying out invasive species and management control.
  • Taking part in park cleanups, fire control, and beach management.
  • Maintaining nature trails, guest houses, bandas, signage, and roads.

How to become a KWS community scout

If you’re interested in becoming part of the KWS community scouts, you should pick up an application form from your nearest KWS park/station. Or download the form from the KWS website here.

Fill out the form and attach copies of your academic certificates and other relevant testimonials.

Finally, return the form to your nearest KWS office, and wait for communication on shortlisted candidates.

If you make it to the KWS community scouts, you’ll undergo a physical training exercise, which is part of the selection process.

But you could face strict measures, including disqualification from the KWS community scouts if you engaged in any form of canvassing.

Canvassing includes using a fake appointment letter to get into the KWS community scouts.

People who engage in such unscrupulous behavior to dupe interested candidates into entering the KWS community scouts through the back door are up for severe legal actions, which include arrests.

The victim is also liable for an arrest in addition to their automatic disqualification from the KWS community scouts. 


The KWS community scouts is a vital organ of the KWS that assists in wildlife conservation.

KWS community scouts receive a salary ranging from Ksh. 15,000 to Ksh. 25,000.

Interested candidates must comply with selection guidelines to avoid arrests and disqualification from the KWS.


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