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Meet the Top Gukena FM Presenters Right Now

Gukena is a vernacular radio station focusing on young kikuyu listeners. It is a brand of Radio Africa Group, whose founder and CEO is Ghanaian Entrepreneur, Patrick Quarcoo.

Gukena FM was unveiled in Nyeri in early 2016, reaching eight of the Mt Kenya region counties. Its programs entail sports, news, music, audiobooks and podcasts.

Once it hit the airwaves, unlike many radio stations, Gukena hired a string of new radio presenters, most of whom we had never heard of before.

These creative, talented, and committed souls have seen Gukena FM win the hearts of many listeners.

Here’s a list of Gukena FM’s top presenters:

Gaikamba Mwangi

From a news anchor to radio presenter to football commentator, Paul Gaikamba wa Mwangi studied Mass Communication at the Nairobi Aviation College, earning a diploma that saw him venture into the media industry.

In 2014, he was the head of news at Mururi FM, and worked as a media presenter at Kiss FM, Classic 105, East FM, and Nairobi Star before joining the Gukena team.

He works as a newsreader and sports presenter at Gukena FM.

Wambugu Mwangi

Wambugu wa Mwangi is a professional scriptwriter and sound/voice producer.

Before joining Gukena FM, he worked as a TV and radio presenter at Utugi TV and Mururi FM respectively.

His motivational story of how he moved from being a hawker to a radio presenter is a real inspiration for the young generation who want it all.

He hosts the ‘Nyihia Hwai’ (loose translation: ‘make the evening short’) that airs from 7:30 pm to 10 pm every day from Monday to Friday.

Auntie Jemimah

We all know and love Wangari Nguri, or as she is affectionately known, Auntie Jemimah, for her fun YouTube and social media clips.

The 34-year-old comedian and radio presenter is a fully certified accountant and has worked as an accountant for a big corporation where she earned Ksh 15,000.

She is a huge believer in consistency, saying that it is the most essential key to joining the show industry.

She hosts the Gukena drive show that airs Monday through Friday, and another show on Sundays from 10 am.

Wagura wa Githua

Wagura is a media personality and radio presenter who co-hosts the Gukena Drive with Auntie Jemimah on weekdays from 3 pm to 7 pm.

He also hosts ‘Mugithi wa Gukena’ on Saturdays starting 8 pm, and Worship Night Experience every Sunday night.

Njoki wa Mburu

Njoki wa Mburu joined Gukena FM in 2017 from Kameme FM.

She hosts the breakfast show ‘Gukena Ruciini’ that runs from Monday to Friday, as well as the Sunday gospel show ‘Sunday Morning na Njoki wa Mburu’.

MC Kajim

The 29-year-old James Muiri rose to fame when he auditioned for a Kikuyu Stand-up Comedy show after a rough start in his career.

His sense of humor was quickly noticed in the world of media, and he was recruited to Gukena FM.

He owns a couple of brands, among which are a carwash and a fitness gym.

He’s an MC, comedian, and presenter currently hosting the ‘Gukena Ruciini’ with Njoki wa Mburu. The show airs from 8 am to 10 am, Monday through Friday.

Raphael wa Kiritu

Also known as Rev. Raphael wa Kiritu, Raphael is a deacon, preacher, and radio presenter.

He joined Radio Africa Group in August 2021 from Njata TV.

He hosts the Kuhustle shows that run Monday through Friday, as well as ‘Gugikia’ on weekdays from 4 am to 6 am.

Simon Nguyo

Gitahi wa Nguyo, also known as AnkoTash, joined Gukena FM in October 2018 as a journalist, after making the switch from Njata FM.

Prior to his career in media, Simon worked as a humanities teacher at Nyeri Senior School.

Njau wa Mugo

Njau is a Gukena FM presenter who hosts the ‘Tumenyane’ show.

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