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Security Jobs in Qatar Salary: Everything You Need to Know about Pay, Benefits, & Application Process

Have you ever thought of leaving Kenya to work as a security officer in Qatar?

Well, you’re not alone. Many Kenyan youths have been successfully employed as security officials in various capacities in Qatar.

Before you apply for a security job in Qatar, below are some of the things you need to know so as to make an informed decision.

Types of Security Jobs Available In Qatar

There are various types of security jobs available for Kenyans in Qatar including security guard, flight security officer, security manager, security engineer jobs, and information security manager among others.

It’s clear that the jobs range from ordinary security guard positions to advanced high-tech security jobs that require a university degree in information technology, engineering, or computer science.

Average Salary for Security Jobs in Qatar

The average salary for these security jobs varies depending on the type of job.

For instance, a security guard job on a full-time basis pays an average of Ksh.74,920-Ksh. 93,650 a month.

The estimated additional pay for a security guard in Doha is Ksh 183,554 per month.

This could include commission, cash bonus, profit sharing, and tips.

Security Manager Salaries have a median pay of Ksh.374,600, security officer salaries with a median pay of Ksh.915,672, and security supervisor salaries with a median pay of Ksh.974,034.

Table Summary of Average Salaries for Qatar Security Jobs

Security JobSalary Range (Ksh)
Security Guard (Full-time)74,920 – 93,650
Security Guard (Doha)183,554 (estimated additional pay)
Security Manager374,600 (median pay)
Security Officer915,672 (median pay)
Security Supervisor974,034 (median pay)

Please note that these figures are based on the information provided and may vary based on factors such as location, experience, and the specific employer.

What You Require To Get a Security Job in Qatar

As a Kenyan, you require the following to qualify and successfully apply for security jobs in Qatar:

  • Ability to speak and understand English. Knowledge of Arabic is also preferable.
  • Must have previous or related experience in the same capacity.
  • 1 year of guarding experience.
  • NBI clearance which should indicate the document to be used to travel abroad.
  • Certificate of the pre-employment seminar (PEOS).
  • Apostille.
  • Proof of payment of placement fee.
  • Medical examination certificate
  • Valid work visa (usually issued by the employer) and passport

Benefits You Get As a Security Officer in Qatar

The main benefit for a Kenyan working as a security officer in Qatar is high salaries compared to what security guards earn locally.

That’s because the country has a high per capita income which makes it one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Employers typically offer competitive compensation packages to employees which include benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation time, and housing allowances.

Free housing and transportation can also be among the benefits.

 Free transport can be provided in the form of shuttle buses or company vehicles which eases transportation costs.

In addition, all foreign workers in Qatar, including Kenyans, are entitled to free medical care.

The Qatari government also ensures that its workforce is provided with job security which means that workers are assured that they have stable and consistent employment.

By providing security, the Qatari government demonstrates its commitment to support its workforce and also provides an economy that is stable.

Opportunities for advancement in Qatar are many which ensures career growth. This is alongside good working conditions where the government ensures that it puts in place stringent policies and regulations to safeguard the rights and well-being of all workers.

The laws ensure that all Qatar employees are treated fairly and that their rights are protected.

The safety and health of workers is something that the Qatari government focuses on.

Employers are mandated to provide a safe working environment for their employees. This is through the implementation of appropriate safety measures, ensuring workers are trained in safe work practices, and providing necessary safety equipment.

Moreover, there are regulations on working hours, minimum wage, and leave entitlements that the government has set.

These ensure that workers are treated with dignity and respect and help prevent exploitation.

The minimum wage in Qatar is Ksh.37, 460 per month. The standard working week is 48 hours and employees are entitled to one day off each week.

Written contacts have to be provided by employers outlining the terms and conditions of employment.

How Can A Kenyan Apply For Qatar Security Jobs?

To apply for security jobs in Qatar, you need to send a CV and cover letter to the given email address of the company you would like to work with.

This can be followed by a telephone interview or an in-person interview if you apply through a recruitment agency.

If successful, you may receive a job offer and negotiate the details of their contract.

Visa and Work Permits for Qatar Security Jobs

You must get a residency permit to enable you to work in Qatar.

A work permit is arranged within seven working days of the employee’s arrival in Qatar.

Before then, an employment arrangement has been agreed upon.

The employee must take a medical test at a government-approved hospital for them to get a medical certificate before the application for the work permit is submitted.

Employment Visa for employees is the responsibility of the employer. This is done before the employee enters Qatar.

An employee, however, can enter Qatar under a visit visa and then apply for an employment visa.

Work cannot commence until the employment visa is acquired.

 In conclusion, working as a security officer in Qatar is possible for Kenyans, and the benefits of working there are immense.

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