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List of Top Kass FM Presenters Right Now

Kass FM is a Kalenjin broadcasting radio station founded in 2005.

It is a brand of Kass Media Group, founded by its chairman, Joshua Chepkwony, famously known as CK Joshua.

It is the most listened-to radio station in the Rift Valley, and the only one that broadcasts in plain Kalenjin language.

As per Northern Kalenjin dialects, ‘kass’ is a common word used to mean ‘hear’, or ‘listen’.

Despite broadcasting in the Kalenjin language, Kass FM reaches listeners from all over Kenya through local frequencies, and the world at large through online radio platforms, with an estimate of up to 5 million listeners per day.

Kass broadcasts a variety of programs that bring together the Kalenjin community, facilitating the exchange of ideas and communication regardless of where people live.

So, who are the presenters that make Kass FM what it is?

DJ Kaptula

Also referred to  as MC Kaptula, he is known for his excellent wedding planning services and experience as a Master of Ceremony.

He co-hosts the Kass ‘Nam A Nam’ show with Cheche 254, which airs Monday through Friday between 10 am and 1 pm.

Cheche 254

Cheche, real name Cheche Cheptab Oret Age, is a female journalist who has worked on both Kass TV and Kass FM over the years.

Before Kass Media Group, she worked at Cong’asis FM, another Kalenjin vernacular radio station.

She hosts the ‘Nam A Nam’ show with DJ Kaptula, presenting hot music and entertainment.

Samwel Towett

He is an educationist and presenter at Kass FM.

 Samwel joined Kass Media Group in October 2010 while he was still at the University of Nairobi pursuing Bachelors of Education in English Literature.

He has two years of experience working in comedy from the year 2010 to 2012.

Mike Lagat

Aside from working as a radio presenter at Kass FM, Michael Arap Lagat is a gospel artist.

He hosts the Kass Ilosu show on Kass TV, as well as Gospel Sunday show on Kass FM that airs on Sunday from 10 am to 1:30 pm.

Love child

He hosts the Kass Moto Moto show every Saturday at 10 am to 12 pm.

He worked at Kass Media Group long before moving to Emoo FM, a Kalenjin broadcasting radio station.

He switched back to Kass FM early this year.

Kimeto De Master

David Kimeto, famously known as Kimeto De Master hosts the Kass Late Night show that airs from 12 am to 4 am from Monday to Thursday.


Martin Cheruiyot Chegunur is a sports journalist on Kass TV and Kass FM.

He also hosts the Music Mix shows from Monday to Friday, as well as Saturday Music Top 10 Mix show.

Elijah Tuwei

Tuwei is an intern news correspondent at Kass FM. He joined Kass Media Group in October 2022.

Jesang Caro Sirmah

Jesang hosts the ‘Emostap Kayonik’ show that airs every Sunday from 2 pm to 6 pm, where she invites guests ranging from pastors to gospel artists.

Boaz Kemboi

Kemboi hosts the ‘Lenee Emet’ show that airs between 7:30 am and 9 am on both Kass TV and Kass FM alongside Trizer Cherorot.

It is a talk show that invites a variety of guests to discuss societal and political matters.

Trizer Cherorot

Cherorot co-hosts the ‘Lenee Emet’ show that runs Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 9am.

Before that she hosted the ‘Nam A Nam’ show with DJ Kaptula.

Isaac Rotich

Isaac joined the Kass Media Group in May 2009 as a radio presenter.

Before his career in radio, he worked for ECWD, and NGO supporting people with disabilities as a gender civil educator and paralegal.

He trained for tailoring and home economics at Cheptarit Youth Polytechnic in 1986.

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