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List of the Most Popular Kameme FM Presenters Right Now

The rise of vernacular radio stations in Kenya has been rampant.

The Kenyan populace especially those in rural areas no longer have to be content with listening to English and Swahili stations.

Central Kenya where the dominant tribe is Kikuyu has many vernacular stations but none is as popular as Kameme FM.

These are the presenters that keep the Kikuyus entertained at Kameme radio.

Muthee Kiengei

Muthee, real name Benson Gathungu Kamau alias Guka Wa Nairobi hosts the morning show on Kameme FM.

The Arahuka show is popular among the Kikuyu’s who are the station’s target audience. The presenter’s prank calls during the show have recently made him the talk of the town.

Benson is also an ordained priest of the African Independent Pentecostal Churches.

The versatile entertainer is a veteran and most sought-after Emcee despite the fact that he charges exorbitant fees for his services.

Pastor Ben is the founder of Kiengei Live an entertainment and events company serving clients across the country.

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Man Nyari Original

John Njuguna Gicheha alias Man Nyari is a Christian presenter at Kameme FM.

His show, Njajo ya Muturire, can be described as impactful, because of the role it has played in reuniting broken families.

 The multi-talented entertainer is a Kikuyu musician and comedian who also double up as a presenter for Kameme TV.

Back in 2019 Man Nyari was unceremoniously fired from Kameme FM, creating a huge public outcry with fans threatening to boycott the station.

He was later reinstated and even thanked his fans on his official facebook page for fighting for him.

Kamau Wa Kamlesh

Kamau, popularly known as the Black Indian hosts several shows at Kameme FM including ‘Thingira’, ‘Kigooco Kesha’ and ‘Ririmbuka Overdrive’.

He is known for his infectious laughter and flexibility which makes him host different shows. Before joining kameme, he was a presenter at Sayare and Sauti ya Mwananchi radio.

Kamau ventures into other fields, being a video director at his company ‘Black Indian Films’ and founder of ‘Mainstate School of Music and Creative’.

The presenter is credited for supporting upcoming talent through his many shows.

Gathaiya Dennis

Gathaiya cohosts the ‘Riga rwa Coro’ breakfast show alongside Ngoni Thuita.

When he is not in studio, the entertainer is at various joints where he brings the house down with his exquisite talent of singing country music.

Ngoni Thuita

Ngoni popularly known as Ole Matope, a role he played on the set of ‘Vitimbi’ a local show on KBC is a man of many talents.

The show he cohosts on Kameme radio is beloved among fans because of his comedian personality that keeps people laughing cracking joke after joke.

The actor also works at Milele FM, KBC radio, Maisha Magic and KBC TV as a comedian and is also an emcee.

Muthoni Wa Kirumba

Baby Top as she is affectionately known by her fans hosts a weekdays show ‘Chanjamuka’.

The beautiful Muthoni has an amazing voice and a charming personality that lights up any room she steps in.

The presenter is known not to shy away from speaking her heart out even if what she says might stir up controversy.

John Waihanyu

John who hails from Muranga is a presenter who hosts the ‘Gwicibica’ and ‘Ndigithu Ya Kigooco’ shows at Kameme FM.

He also hosts ‘Mwireri’ a segment that deals with different jobs that people do in society.

The presenter is one of the most famous people in central Kenya and commands a huge fan base.

Before joining radio, he used to be a hawker and this makes his story an inspiration among many people that no situation in life is permanent.

Eve Mercy Nungari

Mercy cohosts the show ‘njanjo ya muturire’ show with Man Nyari.

The show brings people who got lost or separated from their families back together.

Mercy also works as a producer and is a politician.

Kameme FM epitomizes the high levels that vernacular radio stations have achieved in Kenya. Despite the fact that it targets only one tribe, the station is very popular, thanks in large part to its very talented presenters.

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