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Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Muthee Kiengei

Muthee Kiengei is a household name in the Kikuyu media and Kenya at large.

He is popular for several reasons, the main ones being his comedy, philanthropic work, and controversies surrounding his personal life.

This post will magnify Kiengei’s life in aspects like his personal background, education, career, and family.

Read on to know him better.

Real Name

Despite his widespread recognition by his stage names, Muthee Kiengei and Guka Wa Nairobi, it’s worth noting that his real name is Benson Gathungu Kamua.


Muthee Kiengei was born as the last born in a family of 9 in Nakuru.

His year of birth is not in public knowledge, and so is his real age.

Muthee comes from the Kikuyu tribe.

Education Background

Muthee studied his primary school education at Maji Mazuri Forest Primary School.

He later joined secondary school but couldn’t get past form two due to a lack of fees.

He used work as a herdsboy to raise his secondary fees but dropped out at form two.

Dropping out of school enabled him to work as a full-time herdsboy and raised enough money to move to Nakuru town.

Muthee’s Career Journey

After arriving at Nakuru town, Kiengei purchased a bicycle which he used to run errands as a messenger for a Chinese motorcycle company.

He learnt several skills about motorcycles while working at the company such that when it closed down following the financial crisis, he opened his bodaboda garage.

Muthee later started shooting comedy movies and selling CDs, earning him 2 thousand shillings per day. 

He decided to relocate to Nairobi to continue with the CD hawking and was arrested for the same.

It happened that Kameme was looking for talent and Kiengei decided to give it a chance but he didn’t qualify.

A Nakuru talent edition came along and Kiengei registered for the competition.

He won the ultimate prize of Ksh100, 000, attracting event’s organizers who started seeking his services. 

That is how he started building his emceeing CV before becoming a radio presenter.

Kiengei’s radio career started at Coro FM after meeting Sabina Chege who was heading the Radio department at KBC.

He wasn’t being paid at Coro FM but it gave him the exposure he needed.

He later got an interview invite at Kameme FM and was hired.

He has been working at Kameme since then.

The year he joined Kameme is not clear.

Muthee Kiengei Wife

Muthee was first married to Keziah Wa Kariuki but later divorced due to irreconcilable differences.

Addressing their split, Kiengei claimed that they grew apart, prompting him to get a second wife called Jocylene Ngaru Mugure.

Keziah, on the other hand, explained that she filed for divorce after Kiengei married a second wife.

It’s been five years since Kiengei married Jocylene Mugure. The two have a boy.

Kiengei and Keziah are great co-parents to the girl they had when they were married. 

Muthee Kiengei Salary and Other Income Sources

Muthee earns a good salary at Kameme FM because his morning Arahuka show alongside Gatonye Wa Mbugua is one of the most listened-to in the Mount Kenya region.

Muthee also hosts a show on Kameme TV called Kiengei Live which he uses to raise awareness and funds for charitable causes.

Other income sources for Kienge are as follows:

  • Master of Ceremony in various events
  • He has a church in Githunguri 
  • Owns an entertainment and events company that hires sound systems and records events
  • He is an influencer

Muthee Kiengei Properties

Muthee’s career has made him wealthy for the years he has been in the limelight.

He has a sprawling bungalow in Thika, a white Mercedes Benz, a red BMW worth 6.6m, and other unknown properties to show for it. 

Current Church and Role

Muthee Kiengei left AIPCA church early this year after serving as an ordained pastor for two years at Gatundu South Diocese.

He now runs his church at Githunguri called Jesus Compassion Ministries International. 

Latest News and Controversies about Kiengei

A video has been circulating online of an AIPCA church leader explaining the reason behind Kiengei’s departure from the church.

According to him, Kiengei left because he wanted to be promoted to a Bishop position because of his popularity but the protocol of the church couldn’t allow it. 

The church leader went ahead to accuse Kiengei of using his position at the church to fundraise online and keep the money to himself.

Kiengei has since denied the claims saying it is all lies and that he used his money to run the affairs of the church.

According to Kiengei’s side of the story, he could use KES 60,000 from his pocket every Sunday but only received 35K every Sunday in return from the church.

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