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List of Loss Control Companies in Kenya

Small, medium, and large businesses suffer from losses that can be prevented.

If not controlled, losses can force businesses to close down.

We have seen several supermarket chains like Tuskys and Nakumatt bow out of the market, and one of the reasons for their downfall was a failure to address gaps that caused losses. 

That’s where loss control companies come in to help businesses mitigate losses through services like helping with stock management, document verification, employee theft, and supplier fraud.

Loss control companies use technology-driven approaches to provide sustainable solutions to sectors like hospitality, retail, manufacturing, etc.

Among the benefits that businesses enjoy from such services are reduced insurance premiums and consistent profitability.

There are several loss control companies in Kenya that businesses can rely on for loss control and management services, such as the following:

Pemawa Services

Pemawa is an all-rounded company offering a range of services, including loss control services, security guards, staff training and outsourcing.

Their loss control services, such as camera room operators, undercover agents, and stock controllers, are essential in helping businesses address loss-making activities. 

GoldenHill Group Limited

GoldenHill uses technology-driven solutions like camera installation to help business premises address losses arising from shoplifters, employee theft, administrative errors, and other threats.

GoldenHill also offers risk management, talent sourcing, and security services.

The company’s address is Kisimani Enclave Building, Malindi Road. 

Stallion Security Group

Operating in Nairobi, Nakuru, and Migori, Stallion Security Group is a security company that also renders loss prevention services.

The company helps businesses identify and mitigate losses through strategies like double checkers, front-end controllers, floor walkers, camera room operators, document verification, etc.

The company’s office is at The Nazarene Church Complex, Off Ngong Road, Nairobi.

Hipora Business Solutions Ltd.

You can make business losses a thing of the past by consulting Hipora Business Solutions to find gaps that make you incur losses.

Their strategies and recommendations are carried out by an experienced investigation team using technology-advanced methodologies.

 Some of their strategies include double-checkers and front-end controllers.

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Specific Talent Ltd

Specific Talent Ltd. is a talent scouting company that also multitasks as a loss control and prevention service provider.

Located at Cassia Court, Kiambere Road in Upper Hill, Specific Talent has a loss control team that performs risk assessments to determine potential loss threats and eliminate them before they affect the business.

They achieve this by analyzing available business data to identify costly irregularities.

Verisk Solutions Limited

Verisk is a loss management and control firm that performs several risk and loss-monitoring strategies, like verifying invoices to ensure products are delivered per local purchase orders (LPO).

Other loss management services offered by the company include CCTV control and staff entrance control.

The company’s address is Shiko Road, near Marakwet Gardens, Kilimani.

SGS Kenya Limited

Located in Victoria Towers, Kilimanjaro Ave Upper Hill, Nairobi, SGS Kenya monitors cargo on behalf of traders in situations where there are conflicting interests.

They control loss by facilitating inventory control and terminal audit, improving efficiency and accountable logistics.

Mainly serving businesses that trade petroleum products, SGS offers voyage analysis to ensure accurate measurements and calculations represent the logistics chain. 

Falcon Asset Protection

In helping with loss management, Falcon carries out security assessments in clients’ premises to detect or discover risks that cause losses and offer tailored solutions, such as installing cameras if they detect employee theft or shoplifting.

 Falcon also trains security and patrolling guards who offer security services in commercial setups.

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