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Hipora Security Salary & Recruitment Process

Hipora Security Solutions Ltd is an arm of Hipora Business Solutions E.A LTD.

It is a private security firm located along Lang’ata road, at Karen C, that offers business and security technology solutions, and integrated manned security.

They deal in manned security services, video surveillance and solutions, and retail loss prevention.

They offer comprehensive guidelines for security, conduct threat assessments, and customize their services to meet the customer’s needs.

Available Jobs Vacancies at Hipora Security Solutions Ltd

Hipora Security Solutions often hire for the following positions:

  • Security officers
  • Loss control officers
  • Front end controllers
  • Double checkers

Hipora Security Recruitment Requirements

The recruitment process for Hipora Security is highly selective considering that the company seeks to hire only the best professionals in the field.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in security with Hipora Security, you have to meet certain requirements and qualifications, including:

  • A minimum of a high school diploma
  • Be of height 5’7”+ for a man and at least 5’5” for ladies
  • You should be in the age bracket of 26 to 35 years
  • A valid certificate of good conduct
  • A bank statement
  • Two recommendation letters
  • NHIF
  • NSSF
  • Three passport size photos

Besides the above mentioned documents, Hipora does a background check on all interested candidates before recruiting them.

At times, they subject their candidates to internal polygraph tests to ensure all their employees are beyond reproach.

During the recruitment process, Hipora ensures that all applicants are aware of staff rotation. To avoid compromising situations and collusions, they move staff from one area to another every three months.

Training for successful candidates starts a week after the recruitment and interview are completed.

The training lasts for three weeks, after which shortlisted candidates are hired.

How Much Are Hipora Security In Kenya Paid?

Security officers at Hipora security earns an average base salary of ksh 18,000 – 35,000 per month.

Several factors contribute to variations in compensation, including education level, experience, and job requirements.

Individuals with higher education levels and more work experience tend to command higher salaries compared to those with lower qualifications.

A high-demanding role in a particular location, industry or establishment may also offer a higher salary than a similar job that’s less demanding and in a different industry or location.

Loss control officers, front end controllers, and double checkers at Hipora earn a minimum of ksh 19,000 to 25,000 per month.

This also depends on level of education, experience, job roles.

Other Benefits of Working for Hipora Security

Besides competitive salaries, Hipora Security offers a range of benefits to its employees, including:

  • Work-life balance: The yearly quadruple rotations gives the employer a chance to explore new environments. And since Hipora has ventured into other East Africa countries, this opens up opportunities to serve in other countries as well. Hipora also offers a variety of services, which helps avoid work monotony.
  • Professional Development: The Company provides opportunities for employees to attend training programs to improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Medical insurance coverage
  • Retirement benefits

Does Hipora Security Provide Training For Its Security Personnel?

Yes. As aforementioned, the Company provides opportunities for employees to attend training programs to improve their skills and knowledge.

After the recruitment process, Hipora subjects its staff to three weeks thorough integrity training.

Training is given by highly trained professionals who provide security officer, loss control management and customer service training in Kenya and all of East Africa community.

This helps them discern who the right person for a specific position is.

In most cases, only a few candidates are successful in completing the training and securing positions at Hipora security.

How to Apply

  • On the menu bar, click the ‘career’ tab.
  • You will be directed to a page showing the three steps for successful application. On this page, click on the blue tab ‘visit Hipora job application portal to apply’.
  • Sign up to register to the portal. You will requested to fill in your information, your experience and status. You will also need to upload a copy of your CV.
  • Once you’ve uploaded all the necessary information, you will be taken to a web page showing a list of available vacancies, alongside job requirements and location.

Is Hipora A Reputable Company To Work For?

A few years ago, Hipora Security experienced a considerable dent on their reputation, resulting in a mass exodus of employees to other companies, after one of their personnel was implicated in a theft syndicate.

Despite the rocky setback, Hipora Security has since made remarkable strides in reclaiming their position in the industry.

They have implemented more stringent measures in the recruitment process, becoming more discerning in their selection of personnel.

As a result, they now rank among the top security and loss control providers in the country, a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Are There Any Opportunities For Advancement At Hipora Security?

Hipora provides a variety of services to their clients, of which all employees undergo free training for.

This opens opportunities for the staff to change their career within the company by enrolling to a different training package.

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