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Current Kiss FM Presenters

The radio industry has evolved a lot since the early days of Voice of Kenya.

Hundreds of privately owned stations have come up recently which air content in every language.

 Kiss FM, formerly Kiss 100, is one of the pioneer privately owned radio stations under the Radio Africa Group.

The station gained popularity since its launch in the late 90’s because of its quality music and A-list presenters.

Kiss mainly played foreign songs of the pop and RnB genre and was broadcasted in English making it popular among the urban folk.

The likes of Jalango, Obina, Caroline Mutoko, Carol Radull, Shaffie Waweru, Kamene Goro are just some of the famous entertainers that have worked at the station.

Kiss has undergone transformation recently with most of the old presenters being replaced by fresh blood.

The entertaining control though remains the same. Who are the presenters representing Kiss FM now?

Sheila Kwamboka

Kwambox as she is popularly known joined Kiss FM in February 2023 replacing popular presenter Kamene Goro.

 She cohosted the morning show together with Oga Obina before the latter resigned from the station.

During her early days at the station, Obina almost quit his job after having a controversial fallout with Kwambox during a live show.

Before moving to Kiss FM, the radio queen was a presenter at Vybz Radio.

 Sheila rose to fame during her days at Big Brother Africa where she was the representative for Kenya.

The sassy entertainer was also a TV presenter at local station K24.

The Morning Kiss Show by Kwambox hosts various celebs giving fans a chance to get to know them and even interact with them.

Chito Dhlovu

Chito hosts the Kiss Mid Mornings Show where he displays his unique ability to connect with listeners.

The former MTV Base VJ is an experienced presenter and he joined Kiss in 2021.

Apart from radio, Dhlovu is also a social media marketer and a corporate and event MC.

His vibrant personality has made him popular among Kiss FM fans.

 Chito credits his success to pure hard work and passion and he declares himself a modern-day host.

Cate Sidede

Famed for her popular phrase “Now you are in the know, I am Cate Sidede”, the entertainer is the perfect definition of an ideal modern presenter.

Cate has a bubbly and engaging personality that makes her show very interactive.

The presenter has an angelic voice that makes her male fans simply fall in love with her.

Her command of the English language and eloquence have made many fans think that she is a foreigner.

Cyd Wambui

Cyd cohosts The Drive show alongside Chito.

She claims that the job at Kiss FM is her first media job and a dream come true for her.

During her younger days, she used to listen to Caroline Mutoko who she considers a huge influence in her life.

Wambui was on the brink of giving up before getting hired at Kiss FM.

Muchina Malomba

Muchina hosts the Maloko show on Kiss FM, which plays the latest pop and RnB hits during the night.

The young presenter has a jovial personality that captivates his fans.

Malomba is multi-talented doubling up as a voice over actor.

Nimrat Kaur

Eve D Souza might have thought that she would be the only Asian presenter to dominate the Kenyan airwaves but she was wrong.

Enter Nimrat Kaur, a 21-year-old very beautiful Indian whose passion for radio knows no bounds.

Apart from hosting a Sunday afternoon show at Kiss FM, she is also a presenter at East FM.

Aside from radio, she is also a content creator with a huge following on her Instagram and TikTok channels.

The presenter has vast experience in the media industry having started at an early age.

She also does digital marketing to complement her radio career.

Bottom line

Kiss FM has managed to stay relevant in a market where trends keep changing and new stations are launched on a daily basis.

Credit has to be given to the presenters who have managed to keep the content fresh and entertaining throughout the years.

For the best and latest pop, blues and RnB jams, you can always trust that Kiss FM has got you.

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