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KWS Rangers Salary: Here’s How Much Our Wildlife Warriors Are Paid

KWS rangers are responsible for protecting Kenya’s wildlife and natural resources.

They monitor wildlife populations, track and apprehend poachers, and work to prevent habitat destruction.

 Their job is critical in preserving Kenya’s biodiversity and promoting sustainable tourism.

But being a KWS ranger is a difficult and dangerous job. They often work in remote and challenging environments, facing risks such as encounters with dangerous animals, armed poachers, and harsh weather conditions.

They also serve as the vanguard of field-level conservation by promptly responding to intelligence and detecting suspicious indicators of illegal activity.

So, how much are KWS rangers paid?

KWS Rangers Salary

As aforementioned, the work of KWS rangers revolves around the conservation of the country’s wildlife and natural resources.

How these roles are performed and the duties associated with the roles, however, varies depending on the job level and the KWS centers/locations where a ranger is posted.

 As you may have probably guessed already, the salary of KWS rangers varies depending on a couple of factors including experience, exact role, and location among other factors.

On average, KWS rangers earn between KES 25,000 and KES. 50,000. Experienced rangers get higher salaries—as high as KES 65,000-180,000.

This salary scale may vary from time to time, but if you are invited for an interview by the corporation, play safe it safe by quoting the indicated range.


Besides the base salary, KWS rangers get a host of allowances to compensate for the difficult and dangerous nature of their job. These may include:

  • Hardship allowances for working in remote areas
  • Danger/Risk allowances for working in high-risk environments
  • Housing allowances for those who live on KWS premises.
  • Travel allowances, especially for official travel
  • Paid extra leave days, annual leaves, and study leaves
  • Life and health insurance
  • Rangers protecting rhinos and elephants also get special daily allowances of between KES. 200-500


Because of the involving nature of the job, KWS is always seeking to recruit and work with rangers who can brave the remote and harsh climatic conditions.

As such, new recruits must undergo rigorous training to prepare them for the potential challenges of being a ranger.

New recruits initially undergo basic paramilitary training at the National Youth Service Training College.

They are then taken to KWS Law Enforcement Academy (or KWS-LEA) for further training aimed at equipping them with critical skill areas required for KWS rangers in the effective execution of their duties.    

Training programs at KWS-LEA typically include physical fitness tests, firearms training, and survival skills.

Rangers also undergo training in animal behavior and ecology, as well as enforcement procedures for combating poaching and other illegal activities.

The training period range between 3-6 months.

Once training is complete, rangers are typically assigned to a particular area and work in teams to patrol and protect wildlife.

Ongoing training is also provided to ensure that rangers stay up-to-date with the latest conservation techniques and enforcement procedures.

KWS Rangers Qualification Requirements

The recruitment requirements vary every year and may also be influenced by factors such as the number of recruits required.

The exact requirements will always be shared or communicated by the corporation whenever there is a job vacancy.

However, here are some of the most important requirements for eligibility:

  • Be a Kenyan citizen
  • Score at least a D+ in KCSE
  • Certified by a reputed health facility to be physically and mentally fit for appointment in services
  • Have no criminal record
  • Good written and oral communication skills

Pro Tip:

 Like Kenya’s army and police recruitment drives, be wary of unscrupulous brokers who may pose as KWS recruitment officials.

Avoid any form of canvassing or lobbying as you will not only get scammed but will also be disqualified from the recruitment process.

Avoid presenting fake certificates or falsified identity documents as well as you will be automatically disqualified and prosecuted.

How to Apply For a KWS Ranger Job

As of the time of writing this post, KWS didn’t have a responsive recruitment portal.

Most of the announcements related to job vacancies are made via their website with a downloadable recruitment form.

Here is how to get the form:

  • On the menu, hover the cursor on “RESOURCES”
  • Click “CAREERS” (sometimes the website loads slowly, so try to open it on a new tab).

The instructions in the form are quite straightforward. Fill it out and send it to the corporation.

If you choose to apply via mailbox, you can address your application to:

The Director,

Kenya Wildlife Service

P. O Box 40241-00100

Nairobi, Kenya

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