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Kenya Airports Authority Salary Scales 

Kenya Airports Authority is a parastatal whose objective revolves around streamlining the country’s airports and airstrip operations, ensuring Kenyans and foreigners have an easy time while traveling within and outside the borders.

KAA provides and maintains aviation infrastructure in airports like JKIA (its headquarters), Moi, Kisumu, Eldoret International Airports, and Wilson and Malindi airports. 

The parastatal has many employees to facilitate its operations in different capacities in airports and airstrips.

It is, therefore, an employment opportunities provider, advertising career vacancies from time to time.

It is an income-generating parastatal, making its jobs some of the best-paid in the country.

KAA jobs are a hot cake for Kenyans who meet the set qualifications, not forgetting that the jobs are permanent and pensionable.

The Scammers take advantage of KAA’s well-paying jobs to advertise fake jobs, forcing the KAA to issue an official statement to dismiss the reports.

Be vigilant when applying for jobs purported to be from KAA and only send applications for those appearing on their career webpage and official social media handles (Twitter, Facebook).

So, what’s the KAA’s salary scale that attracts scammers and Kenyans actively hunting jobs?

KAA Employees and Their Salaries

According to SRC’s last parastatal salary review, parastatal CEOs earn between Ksh. 253,333 and 812,970.

SRC, however, maintained that those earning more than Ksh1 million would continue receiving the same amount.

On that note, KAA CEO reportedly earns more than Ksh1 million.

The starting salary of KAA graduate trainees reportedly ranges between Ksh. 130,000 and 150,000, which means that experienced employees at KAA earn more significant perks and benefits. 

A more considerable percentage of KAA employees earn more than Ksh. 180,000 in monthly wages, leaving no doubt that KAA compensates its employees deservedly.

Some positions that get good pay at KAA include engineer surveyors, senior operation managers, interns, mechanical technicians, electrical engineers, aviation officers, security officers, procurement officers, marketing officers, accounts clerks, ICT engineers, integrity officers, apprentices, etc.

Generally, these are the average salaries of some KAA employees:

Job DescriptionAverage Monthly Salaries (in Ksh)
Managing DirectorOver 1,500,000
Senior ManagerUp to 1,000,000
Junior Manager200,000
Procurement officer240,000
ICT officer600,000
Airport manager263,000
Electronics Technician84,000
Autocad Draughtsman498,000
Civil Engineer120,000
Electrical and Instrument119,000
Data Entry Clerks21,000
Security Guard25,000
Technical Engineer79,000
Customer Service Representative50,000
Airport Operators60,000

Note that the salaries differ depending on the occupation’s responsibilities, experience, and education qualifications.

It is more important to bear in mind that the sources of the salary information may not be 100% accurate.

The link with the official KAA salary is broken and not working, but this page will provide an update once it is fixed.

How to Apply for Kenya Airports Authority Jobs

After discovering how lucrative KAA jobs are, it makes sense why they attract many applicants.

If you would like to join KAA’s task force, below is a guide on how to apply for available jobs:

  • Visit the official website and click on the career tab
  • You will be directed to available job openings, internships, or both
  • Select the position you qualify for
  • Access the application form, fill in all the details, and upload the necessary documents.
  • Submit the application after proofreading to eliminate costly errors.

KAA applications have a deadline that applicants should strive to meet, and lateness will lead to disqualification.

The state corporation only contacts shortlisted candidates.

Canvassing is not tolerated and earns guilty parties an automatic disqualification.

Before applying, you must also ensure you meet set requirements to avoid wasting time.

Qualifications of Kenya Airports Authority

The following qualifications generally apply for all job openings:

  • Proof of Kenyan citizenship by Identity Card
  • A minimum KCSE grade of D+
  • Should have graduated from a reputable university
  • Graduands from aviation schools have an added advantage
  • You should possess excellent communication skills
  • You should have a certificate of good conduct
  • Compliance with the Constitution’s chapter six
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