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Juja Road Hospital Maternity Charges

Juja Road Maternity Hospital is a level 4 health facility located along Chai Road behind Pangani Girls, Nairobi.

It became operational in 2011, specializing in Gynecology, Maternity, and Sexual and Reproductive Health Services.

Juja Road Hospital only looks for the best and finest of doctors from a wide pool of practitioners, guaranteeing professionalism while dealing with patients.

The staff is respectful and compassionate when dealing with different patients.

As a result of their outstanding, high-quality services, the hospital has become a world-renowned institution.

The facility is NHIF accredited and accepts the Linda Mama cover.

Services offered include:

  • Outpatient services
  • Ultrasound services
  • Pediatric services
  • Maternity services
  • Antenatal clinics
  • Child welfare clinics
  • Major and minor surgeries
  • Specialized clinics

Juja Road Hospital Maternity Services

This facility is said to be one of the best maternity services hospitals in Nairobi, and here is why.

Juja Road Hospital walks with the mother every step of the pregnancy period from conception through their prenatal care services.

Here, they do checkups with either a midwife or doctor to monitor the mother’s and child’s health. This helps catch signs of complications early enough when they can be prevented.

During the checkups, they screen for gestational diabetes, which has been the biggest cause of third-trimester miscarriages in pregnancies. They also educate the mother-to-be on healthy habits such as nutrition, exercise, and how to manage stress during pregnancy.

A patient is allowed to choose whether she wants a midwife or gynecologist assistance during delivery. This is an option not available in most healthcare facilities in our country.

Midwives, doctors, and a gynecologist are always on standby during delivery in case of any complications.

After delivery, the staff assists the new mother with breastfeeding, care for their wounds, and help them manage postpartum depression (PPD).

At the same time, they care for the newborn, doing routine checkups and giving needed vaccines.

The skilled nurses support the weak and tired mother with newborn care in feeding and sleeping.

Maternity Charges

During Pregnancy

The antenatal clinic is free for those with NHIF, and Ksh 500 for cash payers. Every expectant mother is required to make 9 visits.

Gynecologist consultations are also free every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

A patient without NHIF is required to pay Ksh 4,000 for the antenatal profile.

During Delivery

The table below indicates charges for each mode of delivery for patients with NHIF and those without.

Delivery with midwifeFreeKsh 15,000 – 20,000
Delivery with gynecologistKsh 10,000Charges may vary
Caesarian sectionFreeKsh 80,000 – 100,000

What Each Package Entails

  • Normal Delivery Package: The charges include 2 nights stay at the hospital, physicians, drugs, and wound dressing.
  • Delivery with Gynecologist Package: Covers general ward costs. Ultrasound is charged ksh 2,000.
  • Caesarian Section Delivery Package: The fee comprises 3-4 days stay at the hospital (general ward), theatre charges, along with two visits from the gynecologist.
  • The maternity wing has three wards, the general ward, private ward, and executive ward. The charges indicated above are for the general ward. NHIF only covers the general ward fee.
  • However, for private wards, the patient is required to pay Ksh 7,500 per day. Each ward consists of a self-contained room, smart TV, Wi-Fi, and relatives are welcome to stay with you as long as they like. The fee also comprises of a delicious meal.
  • For executive wards, the charges are Ksh 10,000 per day.

Juja Road Hospital accept the following insurance cards:

  • KenGen
  • Takaful
  • Saham
  • Kenya Alliance
  • Kenbright
  • Sedgwick
  • Jubilee
  • M-Tiba
  • Equity
  • NHIF
  • Britam

Juja Road Hospital Address and Contact Information

Physical Address: 1st-floor KCDF House, Chai Road, Off Juja Road, Starehe, Nairobi

Tel: 0799 997 755

Email: [email protected]

You can contact them via Facebook. To book an appointment, visit their website. Here you’re given the opportunity to select the kind of service you are seeking, and the doctor of your own choosing.

Working Hours: Open 24/7

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