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What is Jedediah Bila Doing Now?

Jedediah Bila made a name for herself by being one of America’s most accomplished television hosts after her stints at ABC and Fox News cable channels.

Her decorated TV career was so compelling that it surprised everyone when she announced her departure from Fox News, where she co-hosted Fox & Friends Weekend in 2021.

Jedediah’s decision to leave mainstream media left many questions, but Fox clarified that the move was amicable.

Her loyal viewers wanted to know where she was headed, with rumors swirling around that a competitor channel had poached her.

However, Jedediah confirmed to her followers that she would announce her next move when the time was right.

Jedediah Bila’s TV Career Timeline

Jedediah first joined Fox News in 2013.

Before then, she appeared on television networks like CNBC and MSNBC as a guest to comment on issues like education and politics.

Jedediah’s stay at Fox News lasted almost four years, from 2013 to 2016, playing the contributor role.

She left Fox News for ABC in 2016 for the daytime talk show dubbed The View, which saw her clinch two nominations for Daytime Emmy.

In 2018, Jedediah made a comeback to Fox News as a contributor.

She also released her second book the same year she returned to Fox News, #DoNotDisturb: How I Ghosted My Cell Phone to Take Back My Life.

Jedediah published her first book in 2011 called Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative.

Fox News promoted Jedediah to co-host its Fox & Friends Weekend show alongside Will Cain and Pete Hegseth.

After two years of gracing the Fox News channel for a second time, Jedediah called it quits and bid goodbye to her viewers and the Fox channel.

Jedediah sounded grateful and optimistic while announcing her departure from the channel.

Her statement left her viewers with anticipation of her plans.

Where is Jedediah Bila Now?

Many couldn’t understand why a journalist of Jedediah’s caliber was leaving Fox News after only two years when all was going well for her career-wise.

Speculations were rife that she was fired or headed to a rival channel.

However, Jedediah didn’t take long before making her plans known after exiting Fox News in May 2021.

A year later, Jedediah debuted her podcast Jedediah Bila Live on the Valuetainment media platform.

Jedediah’s experience on Fox and ABC TV shows has helped her podcast receive a positive reception.

The liberal-minded talk show guru discusses varying issues in the dating and political scenes, which are some of the most exciting topics.

Her podcasts cover topics ranging from toxic masculinity, government tyranny, modern feminism, promiscuity culture, etc.

Jedediah describes herself as a free-thinker who isn’t afraid to speak the truth and her mind.

Failing to lie on air has made her lose media jobs not once but several times, a revelation she has pinned on her Twitter account, which boasts over 439K followers.

To some extent, the revelation explains why Bila couldn’t continue hosting mainstream TV shows and had to own her voice by starting her podcast.

Besides Twitter, you can catch up with Jedediah on other social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, where she has 208K subscribers and 252K followers, respectively.

Other than running her podcast channel, Jedediah is a family woman.

She lives in New York with her husband, Jeremy Scher, and their son, Hartley Luca. Jedediah has published a motherhood-centered book, a compilation of 52 letters addressed to her son Hartley called Dear Hartley: Thoughts on Character, Kindness, and Building.

The book reflects on reflections she has garnered from her motherhood experience, which she would like to inform other parents.

Jedediah Bila’s Future

Jedediah is doing quite well with her podcast, and she may keep doing this longer.

She is free to talk about critical issues without fearing being reprimanded or fired, as was when she worked in the mainstream media.

However, we cannot completely rule out her possibility of rejoining TV networks as a guest contributor or co-host because that’s her decision.

Until then, you can watch her on her YouTube channel or her Valuetainment podcast as she tackles different topics head-on by herself and sometimes with guest speakers.

Jedediah is splendid at consistency, guaranteeing her followers fresh content now and then.

Additionally, she may write more books in the future.

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