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Cleaning Jobs at Two Rivers Mall Nairobi

Two Rivers Mall opened its doors to the public in 2017.

Since then, it has been a favorite for many local and international visitors.

Since many people visit this mall, the management has always needed total cleanliness.

So, there is always a high demand for cleaners at this Mall.

If you’ve ever dreamt of joining the cleaning team at Two Rivers Mall, I will take you through the list of cleaning jobs available at the mall, their salaries, and the application process.

Let’s get that job now:

Main Types of Cleaning Jobs Available

There are several types of cleaning departments at this mall. Each cleaning team deals with different sections of the area.

Below are the main types of cleaning departments at Two Rivers:

  • Floor cleaners
  • Housekeeping department
  • Sanitation team
  • Exterior cleaners
  • Waste managing team

The Janitorial Staff

If you apply to work in this department, you will clean most of the mall’s public areas.

The janitorial staff usually cleans food courts and restrooms.

Your main role is keeping these places spotless by sweeping, dusting, and moping.

Floor Cleaners

Working as a floor cleaner at Two Rivers Mall involves keeping only the floors clean.

Cleaners working in this department use special equipment to make the floors appealing.

Floor cleaners may also need to maintain the wellness of the floors.

House Keeping Department

Housekeepers only clean the meeting rooms and offices in the mall.

The main role of a housekeeper is to keep these spaces tidy and clean.

Sanitation Team

If you get to work as a cleaner in the mall’s sanitation team, your duty will be to disinfect every surface.

In other words, the sanitation department must always keep the environment healthy.

Exterior Cleaners

Workers on this side have the task of cleaning the outside of the mall.

It involves keeping the windows, walkways, and parking lots spotless.

Sometimes, exterior cleaners may also help in landscaping.

Waste Managing Team

When you work in this department, your responsibility is to manage the mall’s waste.

The waste managing team also collects and sorts different types of waste separately.


To work on any of the above cleaning jobs at Two Rivers Mall, you must have:

  • Cleaning experience from recognized institution or firm
  • Perfect management skills
  • Certificate of good conduct


The cleaning jobs at Two Rivers Mall come with fairly handsome rewards. Below are the estimates of the salaries that you may get as a cleaner here:

JobEstimated Income
Janitorial staffKsh 10,585 to Ksh 20,500
Floor cleanersKsh 8,500 to Ksh 17,000
Housekeeping departmentKsh 10,718 to Ksh 30,000
Sanitation cleanersKsh 10,252 to Ksh 29,950
Exterior cleanersKsh 9,500 to Ksh 19,200
Waste managing teamKsh 7,000 to Ksh 18, 500

How to Apply

To get a chance to work as a cleaner at Two Rivers Mall:

  • Check the job requirements and descriptions.
  • Prepare a good cover letter (include why you have an interest in the position)

Wrap Up!

Two Rivers Malls always needs workers for different cleaning departments.

To get hired in the mentioned positions, you must meet the mentioned requirements and apply using the guidelines above.

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