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KICD Salary Structure

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development is a government agency under the Ministry of Education (MoE).

It was established under the KICD Act of 2013 to design, evaluate and regulate curricular materials used by teachers and students across the country.

Being a government institution with a sizable annual budget, KICD job adverts attract a huge pool of applicants due to the guarantee of job security and fairly competitive remuneration.

Another reason for the high preference is due the fact that KICD jobs are typically domiciled in Nairobi, which is the most preferred workstation for most professionals.

However, most job seekers do not actually know what the salary scales are at KICD.

Below are the salary scales for some of the frequently advertised job positions at the KICD.

  • The Chief Executive Officer: The CEO vacancy at the KICD is not advertised. Rather, the CEO is appointed by the minister for education. It is the highest ranking position at the institute with a salary of at least KES.500, 000 per month plus other allowances.
  • Directors: The director positions are among the highest ranking jobs at the KICD. The director job group is KICD 3 with a salary scale of KES. 350,000 to 400,000 per month.
  • Deputy Director: This is a job group KICD 3. The deputy directors earn between KES. 150,000 and KES.250, 000 monthly depending on their qualifications and experience.
  • Senior Principal: Reporting to the senior deputy director, the senior principal earns about KES.120, 000 to KES.150, 000 per month. The position falls in the job groupKICD 3.
  • Assistant Director: This position is in the job group KICD 4. The monthly salaries range between KES.120, 000 to KES.150, 000.
  • Curriculum Development Officer: These are mid-level positions with a monthly salary of KES.75, 000 to KES.250, 000 depending on seniority level, experience and qualifications. The position has two seniority levels, that is, Principal Curriculum Development Officer (job group KICD 4) or just Curriculum Development Officer (job group KICD 6).
  • Graphic Designer: KICD graphic designers typically earn between KES.50, 000 to 80,000 per month based on experience.
  • Principal Printer: This position falls under job group KICD 5. The Principal printer earns about KES.90, 000 to KES. 100,000 per month.
  • Legal Officer: At job group KICD 7, a legal officer earns around KES.85, 000 per month.
  • Assistant Printer: This position is in job group 8. The officer occupying this office earns about KES.31, 000 to KES.45, 000 depending on qualifications and experience.
  • Corporate Communications Officer: At job group KICD 7, this officer earns between KES. 45,000 and KES.50,000 per month
  • Records Management Officer: Earns about KES.45,000 per month
  • Engineering Technician: This is a job group KICD 9 position. Earns between KES.31, 000 to KES.40, 000 monthly.
  • Accounts Assistant: A job group KICD 10 position with a monthly average salary of KES.55,000 
  • Supply Chain Management Officer: A job group KICD 7 paying an average of KES.50, 000 per month.

The above listing covers the salary scales for most of the job positions at the KICD but is not exhaustive as there are many other job positions within the institution.

The salary scales and job groups are not static and may be subject to changes from time to time depending on the Salaries and Remuneration Commission’s recommendations.

In sum, KICD is one of the best government institutions to work with and has an average employee rating of 4.4 out of 5.

That means sending your KICD job application is worthwhile as the benefits that come with a job at the institution are immense including internal promotions and regular job group elevations.

Once you get in, it’s advisable to upskill and advance your studies to remain competitive and position yourself strategically for career progression.

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