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Are Flamingos A Sign Of Swinging?

Flamingoes are cute little creatures. You got to love their bright pink feathers and lengthy stick-like legs.

How about the fact that they can stand on one of their legs for a long time or that they have sacred and beautiful courtship rituals?

If you’ve observed these wading birds during a mating episode, you must have been surprised to see that almost everyone in the colony participates.

As such, the females lay eggs around the same time meaning the young will be of the same age.

It is for these reasons (and more) that pink flamingoes are beloved birds.

Pink plastic flamingoes are often used to decorate spaces. They add a touch of grace and beauty to any home, office, or lawn.

Turns out pink flamingoes are also used as a symbol in the swinging community.

How? You may ask…

Well, here’s a detailed answer.

Swinging At A Glance

Swingers refer to individuals who enjoy switching sexual partners from time to time.

According to, approximately 4% of US citizens are swingers in 2023.

This points to about 15 million people. The number was about 2.35% in 2018.

It is thus clear that more people are open to it as time passes by.

The practice is prevalent among middle-aged married people who need some spark in the bedroom. Those who are dating can also engage in it.

Swinging began in the 40s when American Air Force fighter pilots would switch wives during the Second World War.

They did this to keep morale when their mates lost spouses or to create stronger bonds.

The practice took a break in the 70s but came back in the 90s.

Now, swinging is a lifestyle accepted by millions of people around the world.

Are Pink Flamingoes A Sign Of Swinging?

Although swinging is common now, it is still frowned upon by many.

Some see it as a taboo and others just haven’t yet accepted it as a way of life.

As such, those who practice it use symbols to communicate to willing parties.

That way, anyone that wishes to engage in swinging will shoot at the right target.

The most common swinger symbol is a pineapple that’s upside down.

Anyone that keeps trends on social media knows the popularity of this symbol.

TikTok is especially full of videos showing RV parks, cruise hotel rooms, and homes with real and artificial pineapples pointing downwards.

Wearing a ring on the right hand is also widely known as a singing symbol.

The third and less common sex symbol among swingers is a pink flamingo.

Plastic replicas of this little birdie are also used to inform other swingers that you are looking to have a good time.

There’s no telling why pink flamingoes are a swinger sexualized symbol.

For a long time, they made innocent décor pieces for their pop of color and uniqueness.

Perhaps the pink color which represents love, happiness, and joy has something to do with it.

Flamingoes also symbolize relaxation, freedom, and individuality. Swingers are often all about all three attributes.

With all that said, it is highly likely that swingers use pink flamingoes as a secret code for reasons best known to them.

Other groups have specific symbols for identifying themselves. Swingers just so happens to choose pink flamingoes among other signs.

Plastic pink flamingos are common on cruises.

If you love going on a cruise, you may have already spotted one or two pink birds outside a cruise hotel room.

Swingers, for some reason, enjoy holding their sex parties on cruises.

The cocktail-in-hand and laying around by the pool perhaps creates the perfect atmosphere for some swinging fun.

 Obviously, not all cruise ships have swingers on board but a large majority of them do.

RV parks are also notorious for hosting private swinger parties.

People enjoy meeting totally new people in such mobile accommodations because the parties may never run into each other again.

Besides RV parks and cruises, it is also possible to have pink flamingoes on lawns, inside homes, shops, and offices.

Finally, the symbols can be seen on T-shirts belonging to members of swinging communities.

While many people use pink flamingoes as a sign of swinging, there are plenty more that utilize it purely for decoration purposes.

If you aren’t into swinging, you might want to keep off from displaying the plastic bird replica in your space. You may end up attracting the wrong crowd.

Are Pink Flamingos Popular Swinging Symbols?

Thanks to the internet, the pink flamingo swinger secret is out.

For a long time, many people were unaware of its sexual symbolism.

Now, almost all social media platforms have plenty of videos and photos showing the use of pink flamingoes for both decoration and swinging.

A large majority of the videos highlight the symbolism of the bird replicas in the swinging community.

One lady on Tiktok, though, was shocked when she learned that pink flamingoes that she’d used to decorate her lawn for a long time had a different connotation to them.

Once she understood what they meant, she stopped using them.

So, in essence, the pink flamingo as swinging signs is getting popular by the day.


Most of the time, pink flamingos in cruises, RVs, and homes don’t mean anything.

 They are simply beautiful quirky decorations.

People actually use them during birthdays as a way of celebration.

However, swingers also utilize them as symbols used to attract other swingers for some swinging fun.

If you are not a swinger, you might want to steer clear of them lest you send the wrong message to your neighbors.

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