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Is A Full Moon Good Luck?

After watching stories of vampires and werewolves such as “The Originals” and “The Twilight Saga”, it is natural to wonder if the full moon truly has an effect on human behavior.

The films are depicted from a long line of mythology where some people believe that when the full moon comes around, people tend to do crazy things.

It is called a lunar effect. An example is people turning into werewolves during the full moon.

Those that aren’t werewolves adopt weird wolf behavior during this period. At least this is the modern belief on this subject.

The full moon is often reported to bring bad luck. Some say it causes accidents and increases emergencies in hospitals.

The police also claim that during this event, people get into crime.

Then there are other beliefs that a full moon on Sunday brings bad luck. Or that looking at a full moon through the window is bad luck.

Let’s look at the positive side of things. Does the full moon bring good luck?

Yes, indeed.

 It has been said that the extraterrestrial event is good luck sometimes.

A lot of the time, the beliefs are just that… beliefs.

There’s very little scientific backing to agree with the beliefs.

But, could it be true?

Here are some of the ways in which the full moon is considered good luck.

1. It May Reduce Anxiety

Are you anxious over something?

Turns out a full moon can help ease the anxiety. This is according to an article published by the giant website, Bustle.

The argument is that a full moon affects your body versus your mind causing you to feel less anxious.

To get the best out of the full moon, you might want to start something towards the betterment of your physical body.

Consider starting a yoga practice, joining a gym, or going on a hike.

2. It Brings Good Luck In Gambling

A study was conducted on the effect of the full moon on gambling outcomes among five Las Vegas jackpots between 1991 and 1994.

The findings revealed that 4 out of the 5 major jackpots registered wins during a full moon.

Experts claim that the chance of something like that happening is 1 in a million.

One of the co-authors of the study concluded that the full moon causes as much as 2% higher daily payouts at casinos.

Besides jackpot wins, the study also showed that the pay-out rate for table games also goes up by 2%.

On other days, the rate is about 75% for all table games and slots.

However, if you optimize play during the full moon, you can easily get 77%.

The 2% increase is a pretty big deal for people that understand gambling.

If you are a gambler, maybe you can try your luck when the moon is full.

Who knows? You can end up reaping big from the event.

2. It Brings Prosperity

Thirdly, the full moon is also believed to bring prosperity to people moving into a new home. This is according to Almanac magazine.

As the moon waxes, prosperity in your house will increase. This myth is interesting, though, as there are theories claiming that moving during both the full moon and the new moon is a bad idea.

 It may bring bad luck your way. Other sources say that the moon has no effect on moving houses.

If you are a believer in the positive power of the full moon, moving during the event may bring some positive outcomes.

3. It Triggers Creativity

Having a hard time tackling your projects?

Is business becoming a challenge because you have no creativity left in you?

Life Coach Stacy Chang-Christoforou of the Irie Soul website claims that the full moon can help.

She claims that this is the best time to focus, think creatively, and manifest your dreams.

 Use the time to start a project as you are able to maintain a great focus on anything you work on.

As a side note, Chang started her successful website during a full moon.

4. It Is A Great Time To Manifest Dreams

Many astrologers also believe that the full moon is the perfect time to manifest your dreams.

One of the rituals carried out during this special time is to connect with the moon’s energy and brings your dreams to life.

Focus on a purpose that’s greater than yourself and speak some life and positivity into them.

Think about your relationships and your goals. Journal and communicate as a way to manifest what you want to see.

5. Extra Lucky Moon Day On A Monday

Monday is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘moons-day’ or simply the day of the moon.

Because of its definition, there’s a belief that a full moon that falls on a Monday brings extra luck.

Monday has been said to mean respect, health, and power.

Add it to the positive energy of the full moon and you know why this belief came into existence.

Such a day is a good time to invoke wisdom to be elegant and charming.

Forget the past and focus on the beauty of the future.

The Bottom Line

Does the full moon bring good luck?

Well, it is really difficult to say.

There are some studies pointing to an affirmative answer but those are few.

Most of it is myths and beliefs.

Nevertheless, there’s no harm in taking advantage of the bright and full moon to get better in areas where you are struggling in your life.

Choose to see it as an opportunity to get better. 

Kenyalogue Contributor


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