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Who Is William Patrick Slayton? Untold Details about Paul Wall’s Son

William Patrick Slayton, also known as Will, is the son of the famous rapper Paul Wall.

Paul Wall has always been a presence in the music industry since 1998. Wall is also a DJ and songwriter.

Despite being the son of a famous artist, William keeps a relatively low profile.

However, Paul Wall and his wife often feature William on their Instagram accounts.

William Patrick Slayton Background

William was born on April 18, 2006, in Houston, Texas, to parents Paul Michael Slayton and Crystal Slayton.

He has a younger sister, Noelle Slayton. Noelle was born on November 12, 2007.

Like Crystal, Noelle is also passionate about physically engaging activities. At the beginning of 2023, she participated in the Color Guard Competition with her schoolmates and won second place.

He attends a private school in Houston, where he maintains good grades and excels academically.

Will is a senior in high school and is set to graduate in 2024.

According to his parents, he is a brilliant young man with a variety of talents. He has a charming personality that captivates his mother’s audience on social media.

William is very close to his family, including his younger sister, Noelle, and his mother, Crystal Slayton.

In fact, Crystal openly talks about her relationship with her son as being ‘forever best friends.’

Who Are William’s Parents?

Paul and Crystal met in the early 2000s while in college. Their relationship kicked off quickly, and in no time, they started dating in 2003.

 Paul and Crystal got married on October 22, 2005. They welcomed their firstborn, Will, not long after.

Paul was born on March 11, 1981. He went to the University of Houston to pursue mass communication but was exposed to music-promoting music labels.

As a result, Paul took a career detour, and by the age of 20, he formed the hip-hop group The Color Changin’ Click.

Paul also appeared in the 2007 horror film Furnace. He was also featured in several other movies during his break from rapping.

Crystal Slayton, who is estimated to be the same age as her husband, is an entrepreneur, digital creator, and dance fitness instructor. She is the founder and head coach of Crystal Wall Fitness Studio in Houston, Texas.

Crystal takes great pleasure in her children and makes a habit of posting updates on them every now and then on her Instagram account. For her, being a mom is the most important job, and she even includes it in her bio.

Both Paul and Crystal are proud of their children’s achievements and support them however they can.

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William Patrick Slayton Interests

Despite being only 17 years old, William has already shown signs of following in his father’s footsteps by displaying an interest in music.

When he was younger, William often accompanied his dad to his shows and would spend time together backstage.

This could have likely drawn him into following his father’s career path.

Crystal posted a video of William performing in a band as he hits perfect notes in Spanish. His smooth vocals can also be heard as he performs in karaoke.

William is passionate about instruments, too. He plays the guitar, as seen in his parent’s social media accounts.

He has also displayed an interest in fashion and has been wearing some stylish outfits in pictures shared by his parents. William maintains an afro of his African-American curly hair.

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Are William’s Parents Still Together? What Is His Family Relationship Like?

Like any celebrity couple, Paul and Crystal have been victims of divorce rumors in the past. But time and time again, they have dismissed those rumors.

William’s parents are still going strong despite everyday challenges. They spend time together as a family, making their bond more robust.

The Slaytons are always seen together at functions, events, or parties involving a member of their family.

Paul shares an amazing relationship with his wife. He often interrupts Crystal’s dance fitness classes to play around with her.

The Slayton family has worked together to maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain physically fit.

As a fitness instructor, Crystal has made it her aim to ensure her kids are also physically healthy.

William’s Career

It is unclear which career path William will take in life. His great sense of fashion may suggest a career in that field.

However, he has performed in front of an audience several times, so his love for music is quite clear.

Regardless, William is a talented and well-rounded young man with a bright future ahead of him.

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