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Who Is James Marsters’ Son, Sullivan Marsters?

James Marsters is a well-known American actor and musician, best known for his role as Spike in the hit TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

However, many people are also curious about his personal life, particularly his family.

One person who gets a lot of attention is James Marsters’ son, Sullivan Marsters. Who is he?

Sullivan Marsters Background

Born on May 10, 1996, Sullivan is a 27-year-old instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and music teacher.

Sullivan was born in Texas, where his parents lived at the time.

His mother is Liane Davidson, who was married to James Marsters from 1989 to 1997.

Although James and Liane divorced when Sullivan was just a toddler, the actor reportedly remained close to his son and is a proud and involved dad.

In a 2020 Instagram post, Sullivan stated that his father was always there for him as an infant and spent quality time with him in the park.

He acknowledged that everything he has grown to be was thanks to James Marsters setting a fine example for him.

Sullivan pursued a career in the entertainment industry following his father’s steps. He, however, leaned into music rather than acting.

Sullivan started playing the guitar and writing music when he was 12.

Living in a rural area, he found himself in absolute boredom, which drove him more towards music.

In no time, he had made transformations to his bedroom and turned it into a studio. He equipped it with all sorts of musical instruments he was passionate about, from FedEx boxes to a Rhodes piano.

While in high school, Sullivan’s family moved to a boat to cut the cost of living. He continued to write and play music throughout high school and into college.


Sullivan is a talented musician and composer. He began his career in music at the age of 14, working with the band GOTR alongside his father.

Aside from music, Sullivan is currently a law student.

Joining GOTR

Sullivan joined the rock band Ghost of the Robot (GOTR) when he was 13. He played the guitar and was also a lead vocalist.

Sullivan toured Europe with his bandmates at the age of 16.

He discovered his vocal capabilities and confidence after the band’s lead vocalist withdrew from the group, and he had to step in and fill in his shoes just a few weeks prior to their European tour.

Currently, his father, James Marsters, is the band’s lead singer. He enjoys touring and performing alongside his son.

Solo Career

Sullivan has written and produced music since he was 14 with the help of his father.

Aside from pieces he has composed for the rock band GOTR and other artists, Sullivan has also produced music for himself. For example, he worked with James on ‘James Marsters and Son.’

He posts his solo songs on YouTube and Instagram, where he plays the guitar while singing.

Sullivan currently creates stream shows on YouTube showcasing his guitar-playing skills and impressive vocals.

Unlike his work with GOTR, Sullivan’s solo music targets his online audience.

In 2022, he composed five songs, including Daydream, which he stated saved his life.

Hobbies & Interests

Playing music is just one of Sullivan’s passions. He enjoys trying out new restaurants and meeting new people.

He especially likes to hike in the Rocky Peak Park and Eaton Canyon Waterfalls while filming.

Sullivan is currently based in California. He has kept his personal life private, with no mention of his love life in his interviews or on social media. He, however, spends a lot of time with his father, organizing their band’s tours and composing new songs.

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