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What Happened to the Mermaid Found in Kenya?

Most of us learned that mermaids are real after watching them in countless animated films and movies.

If, for instance, you have watched Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, then you understand why most people believe mermaids are real.

A year ago, a viral tik tok video showing what looked like a mermaid lying on Ukunda beach elicited mixed reactions online.

The video had been initially posted by a tiktok user called Mary Musyoka, but it attracted more attention after celebrated Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika shared it on her Instagram.

In the video (see below), the purported mermaid was lying down surrounded by several people whose murmurs couldn’t be heard.

The fins on the mermaid’s lower body part could be seen moving, which is why most people agreed it was real.

People took to social media to share their sentiments after watching the clip, some expressing fear that the mermaid could be genuine, while others made fun of it and dismissed the entire video calling it a hoax.

Some quipped that it wasn’t a mermaid but a fish that had swallowed a child halfway.

It didn’t take long before law enforcement took over the matter to ascertain if, indeed, there was a mermaid in Ukunda Beach.

As expected, the police spokesperson Bruno Shioso dismissed the viral video terming it unfounded and that Kenyans should disregard it.

The police statement sparked another set of mixed reactions from Kenyans, some claiming that the police lied since the video was compelling.

Others said that the police should have used their time on other critical issues and not investigate a clip that looked fake from the word go.

 So, do mermaids exist in Kenya?

Are there Mermaids in Kenya?

There has yet to be an official report from the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute and other related authority departments confirming the existence of mermaids in Kenya.

It is safe to say that mermaids are an example of mythical creatures whose existence is based on ancient narrations that can’t be backed with facts.

Mermaids, therefore, fall under the same category as mythical beings like unicorns, dragons, and ogres, only depicted in novels and films but not in the real world.

There must be overwhelming evidence to prove the mermaid’s existence, not viral clips that look staged.

Several marine life documentaries have been shot on the Kenyan coast, and none have ever captured mermaids.

It would be public knowledge if mermaids existed in Kenya, the same way people know they can find and swim with dolphins along the Kenyan coast.

Are mermaids Real?

The debate surrounding the existence of mermaids may not die soon even after the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other relevant scientific-research bodies assert that the half-human fish creatures do not exist.

Mermaid stories have been around for centuries, and some of the places they were allegedly sighted include Mayne Island, Korean water bodies, and the Hispaniola coast.

There is no concrete proof supporting the existence of mermaids in oceans or seas worldwide.

According to America’s NOAA, reports and videos of mermaids on different beaches will keep popping up if filmmakers continue releasing films that display mermaids as a natural phenomenon.

If mermaids existed, TV networks like NATGEO and Animal Planet would have made several coverages the same way they focus on other marine and wildlife.

Mermaids in Africa

Kenya is not the only African country where mermaids have been reported.

There have been similar reports in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and other African countries with extensive water shores.

However, none of the reports has shown concrete evidence of mermaids’ existence on the sand beaches.

The mermaid video circulating in Kenya was also viral in South Africa, eliciting confusion online as people couldn’t agree on the exact location.

South Africa’s officials also dismissed the claims after it was reported that a mermaid had been spotted in Muizenberg.

The officials reported that there was a likelihood of the video being manipulated digitally to make it look like a real mermaid.

When the officials addressed the video, it had garnered over 8 million views.

Tiktok has proved its effectiveness in spreading conspiracies, and the mermaid video is a great example.

Unlike dinosaurs whose fossil evidence has been found, Scientists have no physical proof of the aquatic humanoids.

Bottom Line

Countless clips will surface if you type ‘real mermaid videos’ on YouTube and click on the search bar.

Such videos attract millions of views, one of the main reasons content creators will strive to edit them and pass them as genuine.

This information must have been helpful if you weren’t aware that mermaids are fictional beings.

So, next time you encounter a viral mermaid video, watch it for entertainment and refuse to buy the narrative that they exist.

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