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Are Nose Piercings Cute?

Nose piercings have their share of controversy, but that hasn’t stopped more people from embracing their uniqueness.

Nose piercings are being normalized daily, with more people finding them fashionable.

However, if you decide to get a nose piercing, you should make peace with the fact that you will encounter some people who openly dislike them.

If getting a nose piercing is an idea you have toyed with, this post will cover a range of concerns you may have before undergoing the beauty procedure, including:

  • Why nose piercings have grown in popularity
  • Why girls like them
  • Men’s opinions
  • Nose piercing best practices
  • Downsides
  • And much more.

What Makes Nose Rings Popular?

Nose piercing has become a standard method of modifying facial looks.

Gone are the days when nose piercing was associated with Indian culture and other groups of people, and now almost everyone wants a studded nose, men included.

The main reason for the steady shift towards a beauty practice that has seen people stigmatized is meeting specific beauty standards.

Nose piercings accentuate a person’s look, making it a perfect strategy for hiding facial flaws, which is why most girls go for it.

A nose piercing sits almost at the center of your face, the first thing someone will notice after an encounter.

The larger the ring, the more attention-seeking it becomes.

Whether you go for a nose stud or ring, you will still make a statement.

Another factor contributing to nose piercing popularity is fashion trends.

Girls are good at imitating celebrity trends and are more likely to get a nose piercing if a celebrity they adore debuts a nose piercing in a bid to identify with them.

Other reasons include being part of subcultures like Goth and Punk.

You can also go for a nose piercing to mark a new phase in your life or mark a significant life event.

Generally, jewelry is feminine, so most girls won’t stop at anything, even if it involves piercing their noses.

Whichever reason compels you to get a nose piercing, chances are you would like to know if the piercings are cute or trashy.

So, Are Nose Piercings Cute or Trashy?

Nose piercings appear how your mind perceives them.

If you think lowly of them, you will find them off-putting or trashy, but if you think a nose stud or ring can accentuate your looks, you’ll discover nose piercings cute.

If anything, nose piercings make bold statements about their wearers—that it’s their choice and they are proud to show it off, and nothing can be cuter than that.

Getting a nose piercing shouldn’t be based on how others perceive you or the procedure but on how you feel about donning that nose accessory.

If it will lift your spirits and personality, go for it.

But if you feel conflicted about the entire procedure, halt your plans until you are ready.

 Nose piercings look good on anyone that confidently wears them.

The piercing symbolizes people being free to express what makes them feel good or those seeking a sense of belonging.

Now that you know nose piercings are as cute as you want them to be, what about men?

How do they perceive girls or ladies with nose piercings?

Men’s Opinion about Nose Piercings

Men have varying tastes in ladies’ body modification.

Some men will find ladies with nose piercings attractive, while others will look at them contemptuously.

It shouldn’t matter what men think about nose piercings but what makes you happy.

 The bottom line is: men will always have an opinion regarding ladies’ appearances, so why not throw caution to the wind?

The exciting part, however, is that men are now more into nose piercings than before.

So, why should their opinion be on the same matter when they are doing the same thing?

Men look attractive with nose piercings, but it all depends on who looks at them.

Most men go for nose piercing for aesthetics and to look more masculine.

However, nose piercing in men is more controversial than in women, but that doesn’t stop them from experimenting.

Now that you are convinced nose piercing is something you would like to try, how about learning its best practices?

Nose Piercing Best Practices

Before proceeding with a nose piercing procedure, you must familiarize yourself with several things, such as determining the best side of the nose to pierce and whether to go for a nose pin or ring.

Before undergoing the nostril piercing, you must decide which side of your nose to pierce.

There is no golden rule dictating which side of the nose should be shot or not, which means you are at liberty to choose any side.

Choosing the side should depend on your facial anatomy, although most ladies opt for the left side.

The reason why most women prefer the left side has to do with the biological narrative that it helps relieve pain during childbirth.

Also, consider how you position your phone when taking photos with the front camera to ensure your nose ring is well-captured.

Besides deciding which side of the nose to pierce, you also need to choose between wearing a nose ring or nose pin.

If you select a ring, you need to get the right size to avoid getting weird looks.

Whether to choose a stud or a ring as a nose accessory all depends on your personal preference.

If you want a nose accessory to make a bold statement, a ring will bring attention, and if you are not looking for a flashy look, a nose pin will do you justice.

Either can do. Also, you don’t need to remain in a nose stud or pin after healing, which means you can transition into a nose ring after a piercing recovery.

Remember to get the right nose ring size that fits on the nose perfectly.

The size of the nose ring may depend on the shape and size of your nose. A professional piercer will help you get the perfect nose ring size.

Is there a perfect time for a girl to get a nose piercing?

You can get a nose piercing whenever you feel ready. However, you must consult your parents or guardians if you still live with them.

Disadvantages of Nose Piercing

Nose piercing may be cute and sophisticated, but it has a few downsides you should know about.

First things first, nose piercing can be painful.

The painful part varies because some are more tolerant of pain than others.

On a scale of ten, most people who have had their noses pierced rank the pain 3 or 4.

The best part is you only feel the pain during the piercing, and then it disappears.

A nose piercing is less painful than a septum piercing, which involves piercing the skin partitioning your nostrils. 

Another disadvantage of nose piercing is that your skin may react to the metals used in the piercing, giving you an irritating and itchy sensation.

Ascertain that your nose piercing parlor uses surgical stainless steel, titanium, and niobium, among other allergy-resistant metals.

Avoid piercers who use nickel, plated gold, tin, and zinc, to avoid suffering skin reactions and stagnated nose healing.

Besides using the wrong piercing equipment, you risk developing a skin infection if you fail to adhere to routine aftercare.

Stick to your piercer’s instructions on how to care for the piercing, which may involve spraying the area with a saline liquid.

The last disadvantage of nose piercing to expect is the likelihood of developing skin scarring, bumps, or keloids.

Bumps are the skin’s reaction to the piercing trauma, but they are easily managed with proper skincare.

Disinfect your nose using a saline solution if you notice bruising, bleeding, or crusting around the pierced area.

 Avoid using scented or fragrance-based solutions to clean the piercing to avoid skin irritation and delayed healing.

With proper care, nose piercing healing should take at least 2-4 months. Some people heal faster, while others have to be patient with the healing process.

Seek medical care if you experience prolonged irritation or discomfort during healing.

Conversely, Keloids do not develop immediately after nose piercing and may take up to three months before appearing.

Keloids may grow around the pierced area and extend to the surrounding skin.

They may also be small initially but grow bigger if left unattended.

Depending on the size, there is a treatment for keloids, which includes procedures like surgery, corticosteroids, cryotherapy, or laser treatment.

You may wonder if a nose piercing affects your love life during, for instance, kissing.

A nose piercing does not affect kissing unless when not completely healed.

You may need to go slow on the kissing to avoid causing unnecessary tension to the recovering skin.

Talk to your partner to make them understand why you can’t get intense during kissing.

Final Verdict: Should You Get A Nose Piercing?

At this juncture, it should be clear that getting your nose pierced is a personal decision that others’ opinions or judgmental mentality shouldn’t influence.

 If a nose piercing will help you express yourself better or show your creative side of you, get it done.

A nose piercing is as cute as you feel it, not how others perceive it.

The only thing you should be worrying about is selecting an experienced nose piercer and the aftercare routine.

Before engaging a nose piercer, check their reviews, portfolio, and piercing procedure.

A reliable piercer will prepare you mentally for the process and guide you on treating the piercing using medicated swabs or saline solution for faster healing.

They will also use body-friendly piercing materials and exercise hygiene in the process.

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