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What Does Belly Button Piercing Mean Sexually?

Belly button piercings are a popular trend presently.

They are not only revered for their cute appearance but are often used to represent different body types as well.

Whether you are big or small, tall or short, man or woman, fit or not, you will find a belly ring that suits your needs.

The problem is that navel piercings have a sexual connotation to them.

Why is that so and what exactly do they translate to as far as sex is concerned?

Let’s investigate…

Traditional Meanings

The actual history of navel piercings is a subject of debate.

According to a pamphlet entitled Body and Genital Piercing in Brief, the practice has been around since ancient Egypt.

Doug Malloy, the author of the said pamphlet claims that Egyptian aristocrats often spotted such piercings and there are sculptures to prove his allegations.

 Other sources state that belly button rings were worn by Egyptian men as a symbol of royalty and courage.

The pharaohs used body piercings during rituals that transitioned them from life to eternity.

Well, according to Wikipedia, there’s no solid proof for the above claims.

 It is possible that the practice started as a sign of beauty and caught traction over time.

The recent trend is probably a result of pop culture propagation.

After model Alicia Silverstone showed her navel piercing in a 1993 MTV video performance, people have embraced it more than ever before.

The same year, Christy Turlington, yet another model, walked the runway in a London fashion show revealing her belly button ring. This, too, shone some light on the beauty symbol.

Contemporary Interpretations

Belly button rings can be interpreted in several ways.

The most common in today’s world is that it is simply a fashion statement.

Just like wearing an earring or necklace, some people put rings on their navels just to look nice.

The rings come in varied materials, shapes, colors, and designs and can enhance one’s look.

Fitness enthusiasts may choose to show their abs through navel rings as well.

Additionally, such body piercings are used to express one’s individualism and identity.

Some people adorn them to show their personality, life goals, interests, and philosophy. Women, especially, are notorious for this.

Is There Sexual Meaning Behind A Belly Button Piercing?

According to a past article published in American Psychological Association journal, navel piercings originally signified sexual attraction. A woman looked to draw sexual advances by wearing them.

If indeed the belly button ring was used for sexual reasons then we have come from far.

Today, the ring is more of a beauty symbol than it is a sex symbol.

But there’s no denying the fact that navel piercings have a sex appeal to them.

Any woman that has them will plainly tell you that guys go crazy over the piercings.

Most men find women that adorn the body piercings sexy and irresistible.

Here are some of the possible reasons for this:

1. Better Sex

On Quora, some men argue that they find belly button rings on women attractive and sexy because they draw the eye to the specific part of the female anatomy.

Also, they offer an opportunity to kiss, lick, and play with the metal ring before moving to other parts of the woman’s body.

For others, the movement of the ring during the act increases the sensation and enjoyment of sex.

2. Symbol of Mischief

Secondly, women who wear belly button rings can be viewed as mischievous and flirtatious by some men.

They possess a playful personality that triggers men to want to explore and learn more about them.

Men cannot resist a woman that wants to play and flirt. It makes the art of making out and making love more intense.

The rings also show the sense of femininity in a woman which men find very attractive too.

3. Shows Confidence in Oneself

Let’s face it: it takes a great amount of courage to have your navel pierced and decorated with a ring.

Walking around showcasing it isn’t any better.

Whether you have abs or not, having navel rings shows how comfortable you are in your skin.

Turns out, some people find this level of confidence incredibly sexy.

It shows you have a high self-esteem and this is a desirable quality with regard to intimacy.

4. Strength and Power

In some cultures, women that have navel piercings are thought to be mature and strong.

In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs wore navel rings to show royalty as well (if the theory is correct).

You appear regal and graceful by wearing one.

Being willing to go through the piercing and handle the pain that comes with it portrays your inner strength and vigor.

You are willing to think outside the box and explore different things. That can be pretty sexy for some people.

5. Sexual Interest

Although rare, belly button rings can also be used to draw sexual advances like in the past.

Women who want to pass a message to the opposite sex can use their body piercings without saying a word.

However, this doesn’t mean that anyone with a belly button ring wants sex.

The average person uses it for beauty, identity expression, and other reasons.

Is A Belly Button Piercing A Sign Of Promiscuity?

Not really.

Sure, there’s a link between body piercings and sexual behaviour but a majority of people with belly button rings do it purely for cosmetic reasons.

They use them to enhance their body image and this self-perception.

Are Belly Button Piercings Appealing To Men?

Most men find navel piercings to be appealing and others don’t care much for it.

Those that like it claim that it shows a woman’s femininity, self-confidence, playfulness, and willingness to think outside the box.

The group that doesn’t find the rings appealing claims that it masks a woman’s natural beauty.

Are there any spiritual meanings associated with belly button piercings?

Some cultures such as Hinduism believe that piercing the navel improves or aligns the solar plexus function.

This is the part of the body that rules organs like the kidneys and pancreas.

It also controls emotions such as self-esteem and willpower.

Does A Belly Button Piercing Indicate A Rebellious Nature?

A study has been done on this and the findings pointed to a link between body piercings, tattoos, and defiant behaviour.

Belly piercing is not accepted by most mainstream parents. Teens and young adults who are denied the chance often go ahead and get the piercings to drive their parents up the wall.

Over time, the practice has become common with rebellious youths.

Having a belly button ring is used by rebels to go against what society expects them to do.

Granted, this is not the case for everybody but the rings can be symbols of rebellion.

Is There Any Connection Between Belly Button Piercing And Being Queer? 

Not really.

Both straight and homosexual individuals adorn belly button rings.

Men, in general, aren’t such huge fans of them but the trend is slowly spreading to their world as well.

Gay and straight men alike are embracing the piercings.

Wrap Up

Belly button rings are cute, sexy, and versatile. They can take your beauty and image to the top with less effort.

 Sexually, the metal rings can display a deeper sense of your feminist nature, confidence, high self-esteem, mischief and playfulness, and strength/power.

Sadly, some people use them as rebellion tools or to attract sexual advances but these are not very common.

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