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Where Is Wess Morgan Now?

Joe Wesley Morgan, known by his stage name Wess Morgan, is an American gospel singer, songwriter, and pastor.

He rose to fame in 2007 with his hit single “I Choose to Worship” and has since released several successful albums and singles.

Fans of Wess Morgan and gospel music enthusiasts may be wondering about his current whereabouts and what he has been up to lately.

Where Is the Pastor and Gospel Singer Now?

In recent years, Wess Morgan has continued to focus on his music career and his ministry work.

He has released several new albums, including “Livin” and “Truly Amazing,” which showcase his powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

In addition to his music career, Morgan has been active as a pastor, leading a church in Nashville, Tennessee.

Today, Wess Morgan remains a respected voice in gospel music and a beloved pastor and community leader.

He is still recording and performing music and remains committed to sharing his faith and his message of hope with others.

In 2022, Morgan released his hit single, Tears, in which he collaborated in writing with Rob Armor and Tyrone Taylor.

In this song, Morgan does not hold back from feeling vulnerable, but he is also grateful to have gotten through challenging situations, thanks to his faith.

Morgan has also been taking time for himself to reflect and meditate.

Wess Morgan’s Early Music Career

Wess Morgan was born into a family of gospel musicians and began singing in his father’s church at a young age.

He released his debut album, “Look at Me Now,” in 2006, which caught the attention of gospel music fans worldwide.

His follow-up album, “Under an Open Heaven,” was released the following year and featured the hit single “I Choose to Worship,” which became one of the most popular gospel songs of the year.

Morgan recorded and released new music throughout the late 2000s and into the 2010s.

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Mental Health Awareness

Wess Morgan’s impact extends beyond his music and ministry work.

When he was 17, Morgan was arrested for armed robbery. He has been outspoken about his struggles with addiction and has used his own experiences to help others who may be battling similar issues.

Morgan has appeared on television and spoken at conferences, sharing his story and inspiring others to seek help and healing.

He raises awareness of mental health, even dedicating some of his ministries and services to healing and encouragement for those affected by mental illness.

 He believes that it is crucial for individuals to seek help when they are struggling with addiction or mental illness, and he hopes to inspire others to do the same.

In October 2023, Morgan participated in Celebrity Basket Ball Game in support of Mental Health Awareness as a coach at the Belmont University Tenessee.

Overall, Wess Morgan’s future looks bright as he continues to use his talents and platform to impact the world positively. His dedication to faith, music, and community service serves as an inspiration for many, and he remains a beloved figure in gospel music and beyond.

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