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Vineyard Hospital Thika Maternity Charges

Otherwise referred to as Dr. Wachira Health Services, Vineyard Hospital is a level 4 private hospital.

It is located in Thika town, around the Kenyatta Way roundabout. The facility is NHIF accredited.

The doctors here are caring, and offer specialized treatment for each individual patient.

The hospital only hires competent personnel to ensure your experience at the facility is unforgettable.

The hospital staff is friendly, respectful, warm, and kind towards all patients.

Services offered at Vineyard Hospital Thika are:

  • Outpatient services
  • Inpatient services
  • Baby well clinic
  • Family planning
  • X-ray
  • Laboratory services
  • Antenatal care
  • Postnatal care
  • Dental services
  • Ambulance services
  • TB clinic
  • Maternity services
  • Counselling
  • Pharmacy
  • Theatre services

They also issue referral letters to other healthcare facilities.

Vineyard Hospital Thika Maternity Experience and Charges

Prenatal Care

The National Institutes of Health in Kenya suggests that an expectant mother makes at least 4 antenatal visits during pregnancy. Intervals at which the visits should take place are as follows;

  • First visit: Before 16 weeks of gestation
  • Second visit: Between 16 to 28 weeks
  • Third Visit: Between 28 to 32 weeks
  • Fourth visit: At 36 weeks

However, it is highly recommended that a patient makes eight visits if possible, the first one being between 6 to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

This way, any abnormalities can be caught early and prevented.

Vineyard Hospital recognizes that most expectant mothers in our country only make one antenatal clinic visit during the full term of pregnancy.

This has contributed to the high neonatal death rates we are experiencing.

Therefore, they advise mothers to follow through with at least the four suggested visits to try and reduce neonatal mortality in Kenya.

During the antenatal visits, the doctors and midwives ensure the patient is healthy during pregnancy by recommending healthy routines in diet, exercise, and mental attitude.

They also perform tests and ultrasound scans to identify any risks and abnormalities in the fetus.

This helps them prevent any complications that might occur, hence reducing maternal deaths.

Toward the end of the pregnancy term, the midwives and doctors help prepare the expectant mother mentally for labor by walking her through the delivery process.

Mothers are also taught about child care, from hygiene to nutrition and sanitation.


By the time a mother completes the full pregnancy term, she’s exhausted and fatigued.

And so the staff provides all the necessary support in a thoughtful and kind manner.

They respect a patient’s privacy, and help reduce any tension they may be experiencing.

Once the baby is born, he/she is put under observation to confirm that breathing and heartbeat are okay. They care for the weak mother’s wounds and offer any assistance needed.

For new mothers, the staff trains them on how to breastfeed and how often they should do it, as well as educate them on the importance of breastfeeding.

The facility also does its best to follow through with the postnatal services and the baby’s immunization schedule.

The table below shows the maternity charges at Vineyard Hospital Thika for the delivery services offered.

Normal deliveryFreeKsh 25,000
Caesarian sectionFreeKsh 75,000
Delivery with gynecologistCharges vary

On top of the above-mentioned charges is the lab work fee.

Both NHIF and non-NHIF card holders are required to pay Ksh 6,510 before admission. This covers the admission kit, consultation, file opening and lab testing.

Vineyard Hospital Thika Address and Contact Information

Physical Address: Thika Town, Kiambu

Postal Address: P.O. BOX 6249 – 01000 THIKA

Tel: 0708 681 991

Email: [email protected]

Working Hours: 24/7

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