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How to join Rotary Clubs in Kenya

Rotary clubs have had considerable significance in society for many years.

So what are these clubs, and what are their aims in Kenya?

Currently, there is a lot of information about Rotary clubs. Some people even relate them to cults. Others say these clubs are only for the wealthy.

Are the allegations true?

An in-depth dive into this post will give you all the information about the Kenyan Rotary clubs. Find out what they do, how to join them, and more.

Going further:

What are Rotary Clubs?

Rotary clubs are just organizations like any other.

These clubs usually bring community members and businesses together for one reason: to enhance goodwill.

So, the primary purpose of Rotary Clubs in Kenya is to enhance goodwill.

In other words, these clubs team up with necessary individuals to facilitate specific projects.

Rotary clubs are available around the globe. Therefore, these clubs usually team up sometimes to help them fulfill their goals.

The History of Rotary Clubs

To better understand the Kenyan Rotary Clubs, you must learn more about its general history.

These clubs started in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois. During this time, Paul Harris, a lawyer, and his three friends oversaw the proceedings of this group.

The three friends had a common habit of rotating the meetings among themselves. This action led to the term ‘rotary,’ thus the name, Rotary Club.

During the onset of rotary clubs back in the days with Harris and his friends, responsibilities were not much.

The principal activity of the club was socializing with each other on a deeper scale. In simpler terms, their primary purpose was to learn about the businesses of each other. 

Later they discovered that the whole community could benefit from them once they shared their ideas. This discovery led to more people coming in and thus widening the group.

Other communities in America embraced this move and began working with them. By 1910, other areas worldwide were also into Rotary clubs. 

Through the same admiration, Mike Eldon formed the first Rotary club in Kenya in 1977.

To this date, this Kenyan Rotary club is the largest in East and Central Africa.

List of Rotary Clubs in Kenya

In Kenya, Rotary clubs have spread across different parts of the country. Almost all the major towns have Rotary clubs.

Some of the leading Rotary clubs in Kenya include:

  • The Rotary Club of Nairobi
  • The Rotary Club of Kisumu
  • The Rotary Club of Mombasa
  • The Rotary Club of Eldoret
  • The Rotary Club of Nakuru

The Rotary Club of Nairobi

This Rotary club is one of the oldest in the country. Since its early days, its primary purpose has been to improve good business practices.

The Rotary Club of Nairobi also aids in improving the lives of those in need around this city.

The Rotary Club of Kisumu

The Rotary Club of Kisumu is part of the international Rotary Club program. This club gains its roots from the Rotary Club of Nairobi.

Additionally, this club performs the same activities as the one that Nairobi Rotary Club.

This club began in 1956, and it has been active ever since.

The Kisumu Rotary Club was among the main ones to follow after the club’s introduction in Africa.

The Rotary Club of Mombasa

The Mombasa Rotary Club was the third in the country after the Kisumu one. This club works to promote humanitarian services that aim at benefiting the community.

Since 1933, the Momabasa Rotary Club has also put efforts into improving peace and goodwill in this coastal town.

This Rotary Club also supports several projects in Mombasa, including improving sanitation and proper water usage.

The Rotary Club of Eldoret

This club was among the recent ones since the Rotary Club onset in the country.

The Eldoret Rotary Club began in 1959. Since then, the club has tried to promote humanitarian services and goodwill.

This club also promotes peace and improves different economic activities around the town.

Eldoret Rotary Club also works to promote conflict resolution and peace.

Rotary Club of Kisumu

Since 1956, the Rotary Club of Kisumu has worked with international humanitarians to promote different services.

Just like in most of the other Rotary clubs, the members of this club are primarily businessmen.

Since its establishment, this club has been educating and serving Kisumu residents in different fields. Empowerment has been one of their core activities.

This Rotary Club has always aimed at eradicating poverty out of Kisumu. In this case, they try their best to educate the people on money-making activities.

How to Join Rotary Clubs in Kenya

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After learning about the different activities of Rotary Clubs, how can you join them in Kenya?

The process of joining a Rotary Club is simple.

To join a Rotary Club:

  • Visit the club and learn about their activities and projects.
  • Fill out a membership application.
  • After the application form assessment, the committee will arrange a meeting with you for an interview.
  • The committee will approve your request
  • You will go through a particular orientation program
  • You will need to pay the fees. (different clubs may have different fee amounts)
  • Take part in all the activities of the Rotary club

Benefits of Joining a Rotary Club

Joining the Rotary gives you a chance to:

  • Take part in the development process of the community.
  • Gain self-development due to the different lessons and activities that you go through.
  • Get connected internationally since the organization has over 200 clubs around the globe.

The Sum Up!

Rotary clubs in Kenya perform the same functions as those from other countries.

Even though some people oppose these clubs claiming they are for the wealthy, they still prove to help the community.

Rotary clubs in Kenya spread through all the major towns. You can join this organization to get a clearer picture.

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