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Who is Trio Mio Dating?

Trio Mio is a young talent that took the Kenyan music industry by storm.

He managed to release bangers while in high school and had many Kenyans likening him to the late E-Sir.

Now that Trio completed high school last year, his fans expect him to focus entirely on his music and continue to release hits.

There is no doubt that Trio is focused on music because he has managed to release some jams since leaving high school.

However, Trio has not only cleared high school but is also 18 and dating.

Rumors have swirled before regarding the young rapper’s love life, and Trio looks like he has time to date now that he is not occupied with secondary studies.

Trio Mio Relationships Timeline

Trio Mio first made dating headlines in 2021 after an interview with Citizen’s radio Mzazi Willy M. Tuva.

The talented young man told Willy that he was dating a younger girl that made him happy.

Trio was only 16 years old at the time of the interview.

Trio was accompanied by his mom, Irma Shakwa, who confirmed that Trio was indeed dating and she approved of the relationship. 

Her mom appreciated that Trio had introduced the girl to her instead of dating behind her back.

No photos of the two young lovebirds made it to the internet, probably because the girl was underage and Trio was protecting her from the public eye.

A year later, speculations were rife on social media that Trio and Ssaru, another young rapper sensation, were dating.

The rumors started spreading after the two were photographed looking comfortable around each other but it turned out that they had collaborated on a song. 

Sarru denied the dating rumors and said that there was no way she would get involved with Trio because she is older than him and he is like a little brother to her.

Trio Mio also made it clear in an interview with Eve Mungai, one of the most popular showbiz Youtubers in the country, that his father advised him against dating older women.

So, who is Trio Mio currently dating? Is he single or off the market?

Trio Mio’s Current Girlfriend

Trio Mio took to his Instagram account with over 400k followers to reveal his current flame.

 Last month, Trio shared several cozy videos on his Instagram stories showing him in the company of a lady whose Instagram handle goes by the name Shanara (its_.Shanara_).

The two appeared to be enjoying each other’s company, and some of the captions that Trio attached suggested that the two are dating. 

The videos were also from different occasions, proving that the two have already been on several dates.

The lady’s Instagram account is private, an indication that she is not okay with the attention she attracted after Trio posted her.

However, Trio later commented under a post on the Nairobi Gossip Club Instagram account, hinting that the lady was just a friend but his fans couldn’t buy his excuse. 

The page had posted about Trio’s newest catch after he shared her on his Instagram.

It seems that Trio’s move to be in a relationship did not sit well with most Kenyans as some commented that at his young age, he should not rush to date but rather concentrate on making hits and cementing his music career. 



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