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Top 5 Youngest MCAs in Kenya Right Now 

We have witnessed young people venturing into politics in the past few general elections and doing great at it.

Gone are the days when the political leadership mantles were reserved for the old while the young were comforted with the “you are the leaders of tomorrow” statement. 

Today, you will find fresh blood in almost all elective posts, starting at the MCA level all the way to the governorship, where the likes of Johnson Sakaha are moving mountains.

Undoubtedly, being a Member of the County Assembly is the most competitive political seat in general elections, attracting vast numbers of aspirants, mainly the youth.

The last general election has produced the youngest elected MCA ever, and at this rate, we can get an under-20 MCA.

 Below is a list of the youngest MCAs right now:

1. Timothy Mutwiri, 21

In last year’s elections, Meru County was on the spot again for producing the youngest MCA ever, Timothy Mutwiri, a 21-year-old.

Remember when John Paul Mwirigi stole the political limelight for being one the youngest elected MPs in 2017 at 23?

The recent elections were Timothy’s time to shine, and the coincidence is that both are from Igembe South Constituency.

Timothy beat all odds to clinch the Kiegoi/Antobuchio Ward MCA seat.

He was a casual laborer before he decided to give politics a shot, and his win was a big inspiration to youths countrywide. 

2. George Nene, 22

The win of the current Elementaita Ward MCA George Nene made headlines after it emerged that he not only floored moneyed competitors but rode a donkey in most of his campaigns.

He couldn’t afford to hire campaign vehicles or posters, so he resorted to riding a donkey with a cart that carried a public address system, all of which were his friend’s donations.

The smear campaigns from his close competitors did not dim his spirit, and he went ahead to win on a Safina Party ticket.

3. Tatyana Mumbi, 23

Tatyana’s ambition to become an MCA made her the youngest MCA in the Nairobi County Assembly.

The 23-year-old is the Kilimani Ward MCA which she won on a KANU ticket.

Just like Linet Toto, the young and beautiful Tatyana could not be intimidated by seasoned or moneyed politicians and chose to chase her political dream.

The lady chose not to put up her campaign posters in a bid to conserve the environment, a move that contributed to winning her some votes.

4. Abraham Osoi Orikai, 24

Abraham Orikai’s win as the elected Member of the County Assembly for Matapato North Ward made him the youngest MCA in Kajiando County.

He clinched the coveted seat through a Wiper Party Ticket.

The professional accountant believes youths should participate in active politics and not wait to be leaders of tomorrow.

 Abraham was among aspirants who couldn’t afford campaign resources like cars and used to walk door to door searching for votes. 

5. Joshua Kipruto, 25

The 25-year-old overcame all obstacles to win the MCA seat in Kapsowar Ward on a UDA ticket. 

Before becoming an MCA, Joshua was a pool table attendant.

He garnered over 8,000 votes against the incumbent’s 1,200 votes. 

Age Limit for MCA in Kenya

The minimum age limit for vying for the MCA seat is 18 years.

 There is no maximum age limit.

The age qualification has encouraged youth to avoid being political spectators and immerse themselves in the battlefield to claim what is rightfully theirs.

It is also without a doubt that Kenyans understand democracy because they no longer vote based on wealth or age but look at the potential of an aspiring leader.

The current Kenya Kwanza government is enough proof that politics no longer belong to the rich or dynasties but to anyone inspired to change Kenyan lives for good.

The next general elections may pull further surprises by attracting younger aspirants than the ones we have now. 

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