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The Richest Gengetone Artists in Kenya

Gengetone is one of Kenya’s latest music genres.

It enjoys a massive preference from the country’s youth, especially the millennial generation (popularly known as Generation Z on social media).

Due to its current popularity, this industry has transformed the financial status of most of its associated artists.

5 of the Richest Gengetone Artists

1.   Mejja

He is undoubtedly Gengetone’s most famous and respected artist with a ‘Midas touch’ in music since any song he releases or is featured in turns out to be a hit song.

Mejja comes from a poor background, raised in the impoverished slums of Majengo in Nyeri County.

He even confessed that after his first song, his mentor and former producer (Clemmo) offered him shelter for several months.

Fortunately, he has continued to perfect his musical talent and improve his financial status to become one of the most-paid Kenyan artists.

He is estimated to be worth 25 million shillings.

2.  VDJ Jones

It’s a well-known fact that 70% of all the Gengetone tone hit songs can be associated with VDJ Jones directly or indirectly.

Although he does not talk about his financial status, he flexes his financial muscles by being the most renowned sponsor and financier of many Gengetone music projects.

His net worth is currently estimated to be at least 15 million shillings.

3.  Ex Ray

He is a member of the famous ‘Boondocks gang,‘ which has continued to dominate the Gengetone music charts.

The musician has also released many solo projects and collaborated with other Kenyan artists.

However, his breakthrough was in 2022, after releasing the hit song ‘Sipangwingwi,’ which was used as the main campaign song and slogan for the current regime (Kenya Kwanza) during the country’s general elections period.

In a recent interview with Tuko news, he revealed that he was invited by President Ruto (although, at the time, he was the deputy president) to his residence and was paid several million shillings for his song.

According to his 2023 YouTube channel statistics, he earned a total of $9400 (approximately Ksh1, 165,600) from his solo channel.

As a group, they charge at least Ksh.150, 000 to perform in an event, but the artist’s performance fee is estimated to be Ksh.80, 000.

According to reliable sources, Ex Ray has an estimated net worth of 10 million shillings.

4.   Miracle Baby

He is one of the most famous artists and pioneers of Gengetone.

He is a member of the ‘Sailors Gang,’ which rose to fame in 2019, thanks to their hit song ‘Wamlambez.’

Apart from being among the highest-paid Gengetone performers, he is also a TV presenter in Inooro TV’s reggae show which airs every Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm.

He has also secured lucrative endorsements from the corporate sector, such as being the brand ambassador for the Pakakumi sports betting site.

He also earns a significant amount as a Mugithi events MC, an estimated Ksh.40,000 – 70,000 per show.

He currently has a net worth of approximately 5 million shillings.

5.  Rekless

Although he is associated with Ethic Entertainment, the group that catapulted him to national fame, he has also established a successful career as a solo artist.

He is currently signed to the American-based record label Black Market Music Group, and as a solo artist, his performance fee ranges from Ksh.80, 000 – 50,000.

His hard work and talent have enabled him to gain significant wealth.

His net worth is estimated to be 4 million shillings.

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