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Parliamentary Service Commission Staff Salary Scale 

The parliamentary service commission is an integral body within the national assembly with several responsibilities, enabling the smooth running of the August House and the Senate.

The PSC members are appointed by the President and approved by the parliament. 

The PSC staff consists of a chairperson, who is also the speaker of the national assembly, a vice-chairperson, a secretary, and seven members (senators and MPs).

Other staff members that streamline operations in the national assembly and the Senate include office assistants, personal assistants, secretaries, drivers, researchers, and security guards. 

The PSC members and staff serve a five-year term and enjoy a good salary.

Besides their salaries from serving as MPs, senators, and the national assembly speaker, these members also enjoy additional perks for working for the commission, making it a lucrative affair. 

Before we delve into how much these members and staff are entitled to each month, get to know their responsibilities in the national assembly. 

Roles Played by the PSC Members

Below is a list of duties played by the Parliamentary Service Commission:

  • Takes disciplinary actions against office members, including removing them from the office
  • Compile yearly expenditure estimates of the parliamentary service and table them on the floor of the house for approval by the MPs
  • Responsible for the recruitment of public university chancellors and their vices, and also constituent college principals and their deputies
  • The commission recommends or nominates individuals to act as principal secretaries.

PSC Staff Salary Scale

The PSC is well remunerated for playing the above-mentioned roles outlined by the constitution.

Below is a table breakdown of their monthly stipends plus allowances:

PSC MembersBasic SalaryHouse AllowanceSalary MarketGross Pay
Vice Chairperson390,000100,000160,000650,000
Members (7)390,000100,000100,000650,000

The 2022 PSC proposed higher salaries for the support staff. Here is another table showing the revised salaries of other PSC support staff:

Security Guards35,500-87,000
Office Assistants35,500-87,000
Personal Assistants65,000

PSC Members Allowances and Benefits

Apart from the house and salary market allowance highlighted in the table above, PSC members also have medical cover, leave allowance, sitting allowance, and official transport. 

PSC Staff Medical Cover

Their yearly medical coverage covers one spouse and four children.

The annual inpatient cover is worth Ksh10 million, while the outpatient stands at Ksh3 million, followed by a maternity cover of 150,000 and dental and optical cover at 75,000 each. 

PSC Staff Sitting Allowance

PSC members are entitled to a sitting allowance worth 40,000. This amount counts every time they have a sitting.

PSC Staff Annual Leave

PSC staff also enjoys an annual paid leave that is 30 days long that does not include weekends and public holidays. Their leave package is worth 50,000.

PSC Staff Security

Members of the Parliamentary Service Commission enjoy security services as distinguished members of the State.

Their security is the responsibility of the inspector general of police tasked with assigning enough security detail to each member.

The security is to accompany the members in official duties in and out of the country and in their homes.

PSC Staff Transport Benefit

PSC members are not given a transport allowance but are issued with a car with a maximum engine capacity of 3000cc.

The vehicle is used to help them discharge their official duties to and from the parliament offices and other destinations for work purposes.

They have a personal driver to chauffer them around.

How to Apply for PSC Jobs

You can join the Parliamentary Service Commission staff and enjoy good pay too.

To achieve that, visit and check the career section for available openings.

Once you find a suitable vacancy, follow this application process:

Step 1: Download the application form from the website or pick one at the commission’s reception at the County Hall ground floor inside the parliament buildings and do so during office hours.

Step 2: Fill all details in capital letters and avoid giving incorrect or false information. Address the application form to:

Clerk of the Senate/Secretary

Parliamentary Service Commission

1st Floor, Main Parliament Buildings

P.O Box 41842-00100

Nairobi, Kenya

Step 3: Submit your application to [email protected] in PDF format OR deliver it physically at the commission’s reception.

It is not advised to attach your originals to the application unless requested. You are supposed to bring your original documents (certificates, ID Card, testimonials, etc.) to the interview.

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