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All About Alijah Kai Haggins, Tichina Arnold’s Daughter

Alijah Kai Haggins, the daughter of the renowned sitcom sensation, Tichina Arnold, has caught the attention of many people with her determination and natural media talent.

Despite her young age, Alijah is slowly taking over the show business, following in the footsteps of her parents who are also well-known in the entertainment industry.

Loved for her seductive singing voice, Alijah has also garnered a huge following on her social media handles, including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok where she entertains her fans with electric dance moves and songs.

Being the daughter of a famous actor and singer, it is undoubtedly true that most people would be curious to know more about her life and career journey.

Therefore, while there is little information about her private life, at least the available sources reveal more about her music and dancing career, especially when connected to her mother.

So, who is Alijah Kai Haggins?

Alijah Haggins’ Profile Summary

  • Full name: Alijah Kai Haggins
  • Nick Name: Ali
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of birth: United States
  • Year of birth: March 16, 2004
  • Age: 19 (as of 2023)
  • Parent: Tichina Arnold, Carvin Haggins
  • Nationality: American.
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Profession: Singer, Dancer
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Social Handles: Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, IMDb

When was Alijah Ali Haggins Born?

Alijah Kai Haggins, mostly referred to as Ali, is the only daughter of Tichina Rolanda Arnold and Carvin Haggins.

Her mother, well known for acting as Pam James on Martin and matriarch Rochelle on Everybody Hates Chris, began dating Carvin Haggins in 2002 after breaking up with her previous partner, Lamon Brewster.

Her father is also an influential figure in the music sector, being the Grammy Award Winning and Multi-Platinum Selling Song Writer, engineer, producer, co-founder of Karma Productions and Forever Music Inc., founder of Ethical Music Entertainment, and a member of Carvin & Ivan.

Born on March 16, 2004, Alijah came as a relief to her mother after fighting endometriosis for a long time.

Ali also became a unifying factor between her parents, who seemed to share separate opinions during her upbringing.

Her parents separated in 2005, barely a year after her birth, leaving her in the hands of her supportive mother.

Tichina Arnold later married professional basketball coach, Rico Hines, in 2012, though the marriage ended in 2016.

Alijah’s Educational Background

While there is no information about her formal education, Alijah Kai joined Debbie Allen’s dance academy in Los Angeles when she was only 3 years old.

It is through the academy that she perfected her dancing talent, a move that saw her feature in various creations like Freeze Casing at the Kennedy Group and The Hot Cocoa Nutcracker at the Dorothy Chandler Construction.

Dancing and Singing Career Path

Born in an entertaining family coupled with her inborn talent, Alijah Haggins was introduced into the media world at a very tender age.

For instance, before she was even 4 years old, she had appeared on well-known UP and CW shows such as One-on-One and Everyone Hates Chris, her mother’s work.

At the age of 11, she appeared as a guest in Starz’s series Survivors Remorse.

She also played the role of Deidre in 2022’s film The Sound of Christmas and she is featured in the upcoming movie Runt where she plays alongside Cameron Boyce. The movie talks about a group of high school seniors being introduced to violence.

Besides acting, Alijah is also a great performer, especially after cementing her dancing career at the Debbie Allen Academy.

She is the lead singer of her group The Crewe, which has graced many stages for various productions around the world.

Together with her mother, they have also created covers of various popular hits such as Need U Bad and Lions, Tigers & Bears.

Both are Jazmine Sullivan’s big songs, and the former was nominated at the 2008 Grammys for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

Alijah also created a cover for Tevin Campbell’s single Can We Talk, a clip that gathered 500,000 views within the first month.

To test her singing skills, Alijah Kai released her single Ultimatums in 2022, which was well-received by her fans.

 Alijah Haggins is lucky to have a supportive mother who would do anything to see her daughter take her steps.

In many interviews, Tichina Arnold is heard praising and encouraging her daughter to pursue her dreams.

Her pride in her daughter was seen from the first day they collaborated in Everyone Hates Chris when Kai was still a toddler.

Alijah’s Notable Social Media Influence

The multitalented Alijah Kai has a noteworthy following on her Instagram and Twitter accounts where she shares her work with her like-minded fans.

On Instagram, for instance, she commands a fan base of over 150,000 followers that back up and value her dreams.

She also follows about 1,100 people who, in most cases, share common personal and artistic aspects.

In TikTok, she has amassed over 200,000 followers who she shares her clips and dance moves with.

With such a huge fanbase for a young talent like Alijah, it is evident that is among the fast-rising stars likely to take the music and acting scenes with a storm.

Is Alijah Kai Haggins Dating?

Despite her huge Instagram following, Alijah uncovers no traces of being in a relationship with anybody.

The famous 19-year-old girl is always keen to keep her romantic life rigorously hidden, leaving little for the public to guess.

She is entirely focused on perfecting her craft and proceeding to take the steps already established by her mother in the entertainment world.

As an upcoming singer and dancer, Alijah dedicates her whole life to her talent, creating little space for interruptions.

That means she is currently single and has decided to keep her heartfelt life to herself.

Alijah Kai’s Net Worth

As a young and upcoming actor, singer, and dancer, it is challenging to determine Alijah’s earnings from her work.

However, it is estimated that she is worth $1 million, and she mostly earns her money as a celebrity family member.

Alijah also earns from TV commercials, sponsors, and brand endorsements.

Not forgetting her huge TikTok following where she also earns through likes and gifts.

Wrap Up

Alijah Kai Haggins is a good indication that success does not rely on age or family aspects.

It is all about sheer determination and having a strong supportive system that can hold you in any situation.

From her childhood, Alijah has always focused on her career path, following the footprints of her mother who also discovered her talent at a tender age.

This has allowed her to enthrall fans with her melodic voice and position herself as a fast-rising media star.

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