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Characteristics of Meru Ladies You Probably Didn’t Know  

Meru ladies do not need an introduction. CJ Martha Koome, Governor Kawira Mwangaza, Ombudsman Florence Kajuju, social media influencer Joy Kendi, DJ Pierra Makena, and Swahili News Anchor Zubeida Kananu are a few reminders that Meru ladies can “gerrit.” 

There is a general perception that Meru ladies are quick-tempered, which is valid to some extent, but it shouldn’t sideline their other likable traits.

Well, they say everything with an advantage has a disadvantage too, and Meru ladies are not an exception.

This post will drive the point home if you wonder if what you’ve heard about Meru ladies is true.

Here are several things you probably didn’t know about Meru ladies:

1. They Do Not Give in Too Easily

Sorry to burst your bubble but prepare for a rough ride if you are eyeing a Merian Lady for dating purposes.

They are not the easiest targets to prey on, so you must be a patient person who doesn’t give up easily.

Meru Ladies do not play hard to get; they just play safe to ensure that the person they want to get involved with is not just another Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Once you succeed in wooing a Merian lady, you must prove to her that you are worth her time. 

Otherwise, she will give you peace of her mind.

That’s to say that Meru ladies hardly give silent treatment but face issues head-on.

If you decide to cheat on her or mistreat her, you better take accountability, or you will never know peace.

When they said hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, that woman must have been a Merian (Pun Intended).

2. They Are Religious

Meru ladies are god-fearing. They understand the need for spiritual nourishment and seek closer relationships with the almighty.

Most Merians observe the Christian religion, so that you will find many ladies in the church on Sundays.

You will also find them in church choirs, ushers, and other roles.

They pray for their families, nation, spouses, marriages, and more.

If you are lucky to wife a Meru lady, you will get a prayer warrior who will always intercede with God on your behalf. 

3. They are Go-Getters

This post’s introduction highlighted various women of Meru origin in different career paths.

No matter which industry you look at, a Merian lady will be somewhere.

They are go-getters who are not afraid to pursue their dreams.

Another great example is Ann Kananu, who took over Nairobi’s governorship after Mike Sonko’s impeachment.

If you are a man planning to wife a Merian and make her a housewife, you will be disappointed.

Those who are not fortunate enough to get employed venture into business.

That is the right attitude of the modern woman, and Meru ladies understand that too well. 

4.  They are Good Cooks

Meru ladies know how to prepare good food.

You would think they have done a catering course.

You can count on a Meru lady to prepare different delicacies for you within a week.

Some are self-taught cooks, while others get it from their mothers.

If you fall in love with a Merian lady, get ready to fall in love with their food too.

5.  They Don’t Tolerate Bullshit

The above point is a polite way to say that Meru ladies are hot-tempered.

You better tread carefully when dealing with a lady from Meru because they can smell bullshit from afar.

She will not keep quiet when you do her wrong, so be ready to be answerable for your actions. 

Also, don’t think that she will not find out if you cheat on her because you will be in for a rude shock.

They play the detective role very well. She will show you screenshots, receipts, and any other incriminating evidence enough to leave you speechless.

They also don’t take betrayal lightly, so chances are that she will leave you for good if she discovers that you’ve been unfaithful.

6.  They Are Beautiful

Ladies from Meru know how to invest in their looks.

They know how to go for manicures and pedicures, apply makeup, get their hair done, and other beauty stuff to improve their looks.

The best part is that most don’t rely on men to finance their beauty standards, so don’t hesitate to date them for fear of being borrowed money for beauty purposes.

They also know how to dress their bodies and are proud to show off their curves. 

7.  They are Good Lovers

Meru ladies have, over the years, perfected the art of love and romance.

When dating them, some appear shy and don’t know much about romance.

What you don’t know is that they are waiting to get comfortable being around you, and you will be surprised at how romantic they can get.

When you love and treat her right, a Meru lady will treat you like a king and give you all the love she thinks you deserve.

If you make one slight mistake and wrong her, all the love and attention disappear, and she becomes cold.

And remember that women don’t forget, so even if she forgives you, she will not forget your behavior, and the level of attention she gave you will reduce.

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8.    They Love Gossiping

Women are generally gossipers, but Meru ladies are experts in that.

They love gossiping anywhere. It can be in saloons, chamas, family gatherings, and anywhere else that deems fit for such conversations.

If you make friends with a Merian lady, make sure she doesn’t know too much about you, mostly the negative, because there is a likelihood that she will share with the other friends. 

9. They Can Date Broke Men

If you are a broke man who thinks they don’t stand a chance with a lady for Meru, you may be surprised that it is a non-issue to them.

However, you must show them you are trying your best to improve your situation.

Most ladies are not judgmental or harsh toward broke men but instead focus on how they can support them to stand on their own feet financially.

Also, Meru ladies are never in a hurry to leave their partners who lose their jobs or investments but rather help them in any way they can.

10.  They Are Motherly

You can be sure your children will have the best mother if you marry Meru.

The ladies have desirable maternal instincts that make them good mothers.

They can strike a balance between taking care of their husbands and children without any of them feeling neglected. 


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