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What You Probably Didn’t Know About Jackie Matubia Ex-Husband

Celebrities are not immune to breakups, divorce, and other issues surrounding relationships and marriages.

Jackie may look happy and contented in her current relationship with Blessing Lungaho, but she has an ugly past with marriage.

Ten months ago, Jackie Matubia appeared in one of Diana Bahati’s YouTube Cook & Reveal Celebrity editions as a celebrity guest and shared with her the challenging breakup she went through with her ex-husband Kennedy Njogu. 

According to the former Zora Show actress, her ex-husband packed everything and left her and her daughter in an empty house.

She didn’t have a job and could only purchase a mattress to sleep and sit on with her daughter.

Jackie disclosed to Diana how depressing the situation was for her, but she had to be strong for her daughter.

So, who is this Kennedy Njogu?

Kennedy Njogu

Jackie was legally married to Kennedy Njogu for three years. The two got a daughter, Zari Wanjiku.

Kennedy is a pilot by profession, working for Kenya Airways, as seen on his LinkedIn profile.

The ex-couple used to share their lovely photos on social media.

Speculations were rife that the couple had broken up after they deleted each other’s photos. 

Later, Jackie set the record straight in an interview with Parents Magazine that they had decided to keep a low profile to avoid negative energy.

However, the speculations did not die, and allegations made way to Edgar Obare that the couple had challenges stemming from unfaithfulness. 

Their marriage succumbed to cheating allegations in 2019, prompting Jackie’s husband to pack and leave her and their daughter in an empty house.

At the time, Jackie was jobless, and despite going through breakup depression, she picked herself up and started hunting for jobs.

Lucky for Jackie, Kate Actress and her husband Phil had formed a production company and absorbed her as a producer.

Allegedly, Jackie has since raised their daughter Zari independently, and the two do not co-parent.

Blessing Lung’aho: Jackie’s Current Lover

Jackie did not let her past ugly breakup discourage her from finding love again.

She is currently engaged to Blessing Lung’aho, whom she met in an interview on Switch TV, where she worked as one of the hosts.

The couple kept their affair out of the limelight before deciding to go public.

The two are engaged and are parents to Baby D.

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