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Mercy Mmbone’s Biography: Education, Career, Marriage, Salary & Net worth

Mercy Mmbone is among the young female radio presenters who have established their reputation in the highly competitive Kenyan media sector.

However, despite her current success, Mmbone’s life hasn’t been as smooth as most people would imagine.

She has faced a lot of hardships to reach the level she’s at.

Educational Background

The beautiful radio presenter went to Kamime Primary School in Nandi county, where her mother was a teacher and taught her from class one to four.

She later joined Goimbei girls high school (also in Nandi county), and after four years, she sat for her KCSE exams.

Unfortunately, after completing her secondary school studies, her family faced several misfortunes, which made her delay joining college for a year and a half.

She later pursued a mass communication and journalism diploma at Jordan college in Thika, Kiambu county.

Personal Background

Mercy is the last-born and the only girl among five brothers.

Although she is a Luhya from the Western county, she was born in 1992 (she’s 30 years old since the month and date are unknown) in Nandi county, where her family relocated due to work reasons (both parents were teachers posted in that region).

Her life background is one of those testimonials that have the power to inspire anyone who is facing a rough time and wondering whether there’s truly a light at the end of the tunnel.

For instance, she lost her dad when she was in class three, and after five years, she lost her firstborn brother.

Unfortunately, the grim hand of death struck again since she lost her second-born brother, who had just joined the Kenyan army (KDF).

She sadly revealed that the continuous tragic deaths of her family members (that seemed to occur in less than five years) made her neighbors refer to them as ‘the cursed family that buries a member after every five years.’

Even after joining Jordan college, their family’s situation didn’t improve. The lack of school fees made her take a break from her studies and graduation.

During this period, she applied for many internship programs and landed an unpaid internship at Pamoja FM in Kibera.

She revealed that she had to hawk/sell pharmaceutical drugs to earn an income during this period.

Despite the struggles, she overcame all these misfortunes to reach the level she’s at now.

Sadly, she recently lost her mother on January 2023.

Career Background

After quitting her internship position at Pamoja FM, she returned home, where her elder brother helped her secure another internship position at a radio station called ‘Bibilia Husema Radio’ in Eldoret for two and a half months.

While in Eldoret, she was also a hawker, selling dolls, where she raised enough money to pay her outstanding arrears, exam, and graduation fee at Jordan College.

After attaining her diploma certificate, she landed another internship position (as a Rhumba host) at Sifu FM broadcasting in Garissa but located in Nairobi, for three months.

After concluding the program, she applied for a job at Milele FM as a sports anchor.

The fact that she had previous experience as a sports anchor in Pamoja FM (Kibera) and a female sports enthusiast enabled her to secure a job at the station.

Although she started as an intern in 2016, Mercy was later employed as a sports anchor and swim presenter (the presenter that sits in when the main host is unavailable) at the radio station.

She currently hosts the weekday mid-morning show called ‘Kazi Mpango,’ which airs from 10 AM- 1 PM, and a Sunday gospel show called ‘Shangwe na Utukufu’ from 2-6 PM.

Marital Status

Although she rarely talks about her private life and marital status, there isn’t any confirmed information that reveals she is married, dating, or engaged; therefore, we can conclude that she is single and has no kids.

Net worth and Salary

As previously stated, Mercy is very private; therefore, her net worth remains a mystery.

However, she revealed that she has two side hustles, ‘Nutritious Vegetables,’ where she sells fruits and vegetables, and ‘Mercyhood Hub,’ which specializes in branding.

She is also a gospel artist with several music videos enjoying a consistent media play in the Kenyan gospel industry and posted on her YouTube channel.

Her estimated gross salary at Milele FM is approximately Ksh.300,00..

Gross Pay 300,000
Non-Cash Benefits0.00 
Taxable Income 297,220
PAYE 82,383.35
Net Pay 214,836.65
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